Nail Polish Collection Part 3: Bourjois, Catrice, Maybelline & more

Another round of nail polishes. I promise there aren’t that much more to come. We’re almost there. This post will focus on some cheaper/ drug store/ more commonly available brands: Bourjois, Chanel, Catrice, Collection 2000, Cosmetica Fanatica & Maybelline. Swatches will be featured in the last nail polish collection post.

Bourjois & Chanel (f.l.t.r.):

1 Seconde 16, 1 Seconde 22, 1 Seconde 15, 1 Seconde 3, Magnolia Rose

Bourjois (f.l.t.r.):

So Laque Noir de Chine, So Laque Bleu Mystériyeux, So Laque Cerise Noire, So Laque Rouge Escarpin, So Laque Rose Lounge

Catrice (f.l.t.r.):

London’s Weather Forecast, It Blue My Mind, Blue’s Brother, I Sea You, Sold Out Forever, Clay-ton My Hero, Lost in Mud

Catrice (f.l.t.r.):

Biscuits & Cupcakes, Spiced Bronze, Don’t Feed the Birds, Meet Me at Coral Island, Caught on the Red Carpet, Plum Play with Me, Sweets for my Sweet, I Scream Peach

Collection 2000 (f.l.t.r.):

no. 195, no. 191, no. 237, no. 206, no. 188, no. 165, no. 223, no. 187, no. 190. no. 103

Cosmetica Fanatica (f.l.t.r.):

no. 35, no. 23, no. 32, no. 10, no. 30, no. 30, no. 21

Maybelline (f.l.t.r.):

Venetian Gold, Red Seduction, Acid Plum, Brassy, Pearly Pink, Sweet Rose

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