Worst Makeup of 2021

This video is all about my least favorite products of 2021: these are my worst makeup products of 2021.

Shop My Stash December 2021

A bit earlier than planned: but I am already coming to you with my Shop My Stash. I felt ready and December is always a weird month for content so I figured it really wouldn’t make much of a difference if I did it a week earlier than planned. So today we are going over…

Huda Beauty Sand Haze eyeshadow palette

Today we are doing a double review! I didn’t get a chance to post an eyeshadow palette review so first up is a review for the Huda Beauty Sand Haze eyeshadow palette.

Full Face of H&M Beauty

In this post I am showing you a full face of H&M Beauty products incl. swatches and a full face makeup look.

Essence Fresh & Fit foundation

Today’s review is for the updated version of the Essence Fresh & Fit foundation: after 4 years Essence has updated the formula and so you can find the review for the updated product at the end of the blog post.

Foundation Collection 2021

I thought I could do a more in-depth look at my makeup collection. We are kicking off the series with a look at my foundation collection.