What I Wore #14

I’m back with a fashion post! Let’s have a look at what I wore semi-recently.

Makeup Declutter 2021 // Cheek Products

We are passed the halfway point of my decluttering series! Today we are decluttering cheek products. So think: blush, bronzer, highlighter and face palettes.

Spring Fashion Haul 2021

It’s the start of a new fashion season! So you know I got some new pieces to compliment my wardrobe. This is my spring 2021 fashion haul.

Shop My Stash April 2021

First Tuesday of the month! Time for a new Shop My Stash. These are the products I have selected for April 2021.

Catrice Brow Fix Soap Stylist review

I had not yet tried soap brows yet. But when Catrice released their Brow Fix Soap Stylist at an affordable price point, I gave it a go. This is my review.

GRWM // March Shop my Stash

I have another full face makeup look for you today! Get ready with me as we chat about why I think some content does or doesn’t do well on Youtube/ online AND we do some makeup using the products in my March 2021 Shop My Stash.

MAC Extra Dimension blush Dilly-Dolly review

Today’s review is for a limited edition MAC blush. As this is new and limited edition, I thought I would put it at the top of the ‘to review’ pile, so you can see the MAC Extra Dimension blush in Dilly-Dolly before you can no longer buy it.

Wardrobe reorganization 2021

It’s spring and I have been giving my house a good clean and scrub down all week. Now it is time to tackle my wardrobe and so I decided to film that for you!

New Catrice Spring/ Summer 2021

This video is all about the new makeup Catrice has released for their spring/ summer 2021 update! There’s a gorgeous new eyeshadow palette and a bunch of new lip products.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Cream lipgloss review

In this review we will be having a closer look at… GLOSS! Who knew we’d see the day I’d start liking lipgloss? And this one is a main instigator of that love train. Meet Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Cream in Mauve Wives.

Top 9 Most Repurchased Skincare

Today we are talking skincare favorites. These are my most repurchased skincare products for dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin.

Too Faced Hangover RX setting spray review

Setting sprays are the workhorses of my makeup collection: I use them up and then move on to the next time. So time for another setting spray review. This time, we are looking at the Too Faced Hangover RX settings spray.

New Essence Spring/ Summer 2021

Spring has arrived and with that Essence has already dropped their spring/ summer 2021 update. Let’s see how these products work!

New Makeup Releases March 2021

Today’s post is a bit later! I apologize, I was having a painful neck and shoulder and sitting at my computer editing a video just wasn’t in the cards yesterday. But do not fret! We still have a video going up and it’s a new makeup releases video! Curious to hear me chat about some…

Dior Homme Original EDT review

In this review, we will be having a look at a fragrance that I love that is a bit unusual perhaps. It’s a men’s fragrance! Let’s have a look at Dior Homme Original EDT.