New Makeup Releases March 2021

Today’s post is a bit later! I apologize, I was having a painful neck and shoulder and sitting at my computer editing a video just wasn’t in the cards yesterday. But do not fret! We still have a video going up and it’s a new makeup releases video! Curious to hear me chat about some…

3 Looks 1 Palette: Custom Cool Toned palette

Today’s Single Shadow week installment featured 3 looks with my custom cool toned palette. And these came out so well that I thought I’d share them on here too! So what this is, is 3 looks with different techniques and color schemes, but each one of them is deliciously cool toned. From a green toned,…

Blush Tribe Hasina 2 eyeshadow palette review

Don’t you just hate it when a brand discontinues your favorite product? Well in this case, the product wasn’t cancelled, the entire brand was. Alas Brush Tribe is no more, but that doesn’t mean I cannot still enjoy their Hasina 2 eyeshadow palette.

A bit of an eyeshadow palette haul

This was supposed to be a video about new makeup releases. But given everything that’s going on, I am not actively hunting down new makeup products. Instead, I thought I could show you what I actually decided to buy in recent months.

Kiko Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick review

In this review we have a look at three shades from the Kiko Velvet Passion Matte lipstick line. It features swatches, lipswatches and a full face look for each lipstick.

No blog today!

Just coming on here to let you know I won’t have anything up today. I had a lipstick review planned of the new Essence lipsticks, but I didn’t get around to writing the post as I have been doing some work on my house over the past few days which has left me feeling knackered….

Catrice Eye Foundation eyeshadow primer

I haven’t had much luck trying super affordable eyeshadow primers. I have used some, one even by Catrice, and none of them did the trick for me. The most successful eyeshadow primer I’ve tried at the most affordable price point is the Milani eyeshadow primer. But now there is a new contender. Catrice have released…

GRWM: Youtube made me buy it

When I did a get ready with me a few weeks ago, many people seemed to like it. So I decided to do another chatty one where I do a full face of makeup surrounding a certain theme. So today, I am working the Youtube Made Me Buy It tag into this look. Meaning, I…

Rediscovered items in my wardrobe

You know how you sometimes shouldn’t chuck items too quickly? That is what goes for the following 5 items in my wardrobe that I am very happy that I have kept over the years. At some point in time I definitely started to forget about these and I started to wear them less. But as…

Styling a-line skirts

I love wearing dresses and skirts from time to time. While my style is quite casual, I like inserting a dose of feminine style to my outfits as well. The best way to blend casual and girly is by adding a skirt and my preferred style of skirt has shifted over time. Where I used…