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I thought I’d share with you the most memorable gifts I have ever received. I am a lucky girl and have always been surrounded by lovely family and friends, so I have plenty of gifts to choose from. However, my favorite and also my most memorable gifts are jewelry pieces I was given or inherited from my grandma.

The first two pieces are very similar. It’s the same style, but one is a ring and the other a necklace as you can see in the picture above. My grandma gave me that ring when I was 12 years old and I’m still wearing it! The necklace was given to me after my family cleared out my grandparents’ house after both of them had passed away. A great aunt found it lying on the floor and remembered I had the ring to match the pair and decided I was to have it. Now all I need is a matching pair of earrings and I’m ready to go.

This picture definitely doesn’t do these pieces any justice, but for some reason I couldn’t take a better picture. It’s a ring and a pair of stud earrings. Those earrings are my go to pair. I wear them all the time, unless I decide to wear dangling earrings. My grandma bought these items in the Czech Republic on two separate occasions that is why they are not a complete match. She wore them all the time herself and always told me: ‘when I pass away I will leave these to you’. A few days after she passed, my grandfather handed me an envelope with the jewelry inside.

The reason why these are my most memorable gifts is because I have a strong emotional attachment to them. I loved my grandma and it was the first person from my family whose funeral I had to attend. So that definitely made an impact. I love wearing all of these pieces and wear them regularly, almost every day. It also helps that I always get a lot of compliments when I’m wearing them. The red ring was even thought to be an engagement ring once!

Q: What is your most memorable gift?

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  1. Mooie sieraden! En vooral met de verhalen erachter snap ik dat het emotionele waarde heeft.

    Mijn opa haat verven. Dit is altijd al zo geweest en hij heeft het dan ook zelden gedaan. Maar toen ik jaren geleden een tv meubel zocht maar nergens een mooie, betaalbare, zwarte kon vinden heeft hij zijn oude tv meubel zwart geverfd voor mij en die heb ik toen gekregen. Ondertussen is het een ongelofelijke sta-in-de-weg geworden en hebben mijn ouders mij al 100.000 keer proberen om te kopen het ding weg te doen. Ik weiger. Hoewel hij beschadigd is mag hij ook absoluut niet geverfd worden van mij. Mijn opa (die nog steeds leeft) vind het allemaal enorm grappig maar nooit zal ik het meubel weg doen.

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