London Here I Come!

Only one more busy week left and I’ll be going to London! I’m so excited. I’ll be in London for 9 days, then go straight on to Edinburgh. I haven’t seen the program for that trip yet, but here’s what I hope to do/ see when I go to London:

  • Hamlet @ The Globe Theatre (already have tickets for this!)
  • Tate Gallery -> never been there!
  • I’ll most likely spend a day in Greenwich going to the place where GMT actually comes from, doing some shopping and visiting some more museums.
  • Camden: I definitely want to check this out. My colleague tells me it’s a great place.
  • Probably some more museums, but that depends on the weather. I already told my friend that I wouldn’t want to go to a gazillion museums like we did last year in Berlin. I also just want to enjoy the city. So, if it’s nice weather, I’d love to hang out in Hyde Park with a book.
  • Go to see a West End musical

That’s pretty much our ‘list’. We haven’t set anything apart from the Hamlet performance. We’ll just go with the flow and see what’s fun etc.There are two other things I haven’t listed above though.

Go to the Water for Elephants premiere.

It so happens to be that Rob Pattinson’s new movie, Water for Elephants, premieres in London on May 3th. And I’ll be there. I’m gonna go see if I can catch a glimpse and hopefully score a picture. But it would be nice just to see him. I’m not planning on camping out or anything and if it rains I’m not even going to bother to begin with, but really, how could I pass up on this? I planned this trips months ago and then all of a sudden there’s a premiere in the same week? I have to go! Even if it’s just to get the experience of a movie premiere with all the press and fans and craziness.

Shop till I drop

Yeah baby! I’m going on a major major shopping spree in good ol’ London Town. I have told myself that I’m allowed to go ALL OUT on this trip, but the downside is that I have also told myself that after the trip, I am on a no buy period till I go to Dublin. Obviously that won’t work for 100%, but I told myself as a New Year’s Resolution that I want to save more money and so come June that has got to start! So after my trip, I will leave my credit card at home and I will have to make do with the amount of money I allow myself to spend on ‘fun things’. Wish me luck!

In the mean time, this is my London wish list:

  • Make up. I want to buy brands that are not or hard to come by over here, which is mainly drugstore brands, such as Sleek, Revlon, Me Me Me, but NARS is also on the list.
  • I want to buy a new perfume. It’s either going to be Miss Chérie by Dior or Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Those are both on my wish list, but I’m only going to get one. I think I’ll go with Daisy as it’s much more summery.
  • Tea. I have to go to the Twinings store and get my fix!
  • Dr Marten’s 1460 Smooth in Cherry Red. Dr Marten’s are so much cheaper over there!
  • HMV: books & CDs. I seriously could spend all day in that store!
  • Chapstick. I’m running out and you can’t get them over here, but the UK has them, so YAY!

So that’s what my London trip will look like. I am planning on bringing my netbook with me, as the hotel has free WIFI. When I have time I will definitely blog about all the goings on!

5 responses to “London Here I Come!”

  1. Ik was ff benieuwd wat er nu voor tentoonstelling loopt in de Tate, maar ik zie op de site dat er twee Tates in London zijn. Naar welke ga je? 😉

  2. Ha Maaike, las toevallig net deze post en moest natuurlijk even reageren! Gaaf dat je naar London gaat, ik wens je alvast veel plezier.
    Ken je Wittards of Chelsea? Dat is een Brits thee merk, met heel veel verschillende soorten thee, los en in zakjes. Super lekker allemaal : ) Ze hebben een winkel in Covent Garden, daar moet je zeker naar toe gaan!
    Er zijn in Covent Garden sowieso heeeel veel winkels, dus daar kan je naar hartelust shoppen tot je dropt ; )

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