June will be busy…

… but fun! First of all, today is my final day of teaching full days. I only have two more classes next week and then all of that will be over. That however doesn’t mean that I will have time to slow down just yet. Here’s what’s coming in the next month!

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Classes will be over when it comes to teaching, but not when it comes to attending. Uni is still going strong and my final class isn’t until June 29th. I am taking 3 classes at the moment and all of those will be finishing in the coming month, which means, exams, final presentation and writing papers. Oh joy! First up will be my statistics exam on June 17th and I will have a deadline for a presentation, a paper and another test for ever week after that as well. So wish me luck with that.

And even though teaching will be over, the rest of my work duties are not of course. My placement students are all finishing up or about to finish up so that will mean tons of meetings. Also, I will have to conduct 30 minute exams with 35 (!) students next week and the week after that one. On top of that, there will be more grading, resits, meetings with colleagues and preparing everything for next year. I may not have a time table of sorts anymore but that doesn’t mean I can relax either!

Of course there will also be fun stuff! Tomorrow I’ll be visiting my parents and my best friend. Next week, I have a birthday to attend and some movies to watch. I still really want to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides as well as the new X-men movie, which is released tomorrow! Then I might be going to a concert on the 18th. I’m definitely going to a beach party (Slam FM Beach Break with Kimberley!) on the 25th and Parkpop is on the 26th and I didn’t go last year because I was sick so I definitely want to go this year. And last but not least, I’ll be going to see Mr. Stephen Fry in the flesh on the 29th, when he comes to The Hague to promote his latest book.

As you can tell, my schedule will be packed, but luckily July is just around the corner and that means more fun stuff, my birthday AND vacation!

Q: Do you also find yourself having these times where your agenda just seems to fill itself up on its own accord without you even noticing it?

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  1. June is going to be insanely busy for me. Kind of without me noticing, even though I knew. Wrapping up the last semester, exams, my brother’s wedding, visits from family as well as my sister visiting from Surinam. I will be going back and forth from Leiden to Germany and Maastricht the entire month!

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