Song Challenge 16 – A song that you used to love but now hate

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Hm it probably would have been better to have put BSB’s I Want It That Way on this day, rather than earlier in the challenge. Oh well… There’s plenty of music to get by and there are plenty of songs I used to love, but now can’t bare to listen to any longer.

I already fessed up a while ago that I really like 90s music. I’m a kid of the 90s and therefore the music of that decade holds a special place in my heart. However, the 90s were also filled with tons of bad music. Music that probably shouldn’t have been a hit in the first place. The first song that springs to mind is the Macarena, but I never really ‘loved’ that song and now hate it. However, since the 90s marked my teenage days, there are cringe-worthy used-to-love-but-not-hate songs around. Here’s a few of them:

Steps – 5,6,7,8 (I still remember those dance steps!):

And look what I found on my old cassette tape: Beenieman – Dance Hall Queen :S

This isn’t necessarily from the 90s, but oh lord… I totally digged them at the time though. K-Otic – I Really Don’t Think So

So, what are some songs YOU used to love, but now can’t stand to listen to anymore?

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