Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow & Liner

When I went to London, shopping for make up was high on my list. There are a ton of things around that you can’t get in the Netherlands, or things are simply cheaper. The latter was the case for Benefit products, which is why I decided to stock up on a few items I had been eying for a while, but had never purchased because I thought they were too expensive. The creaseless cream shadows were amongst some of the things I bought while in London.

I went with three of them: Skinny Jeans, a dark grey, Stiletto, a dark purple-y red, and Get Figgy, a reddish plum color. The colors are really nicely pigmented and buildable. When you first dab the color on your lid, it goes on quite sheer, but as you apply more, you can make it as vibrant as you like, which I find a major plus. Here are some swatches:

All the colors have a nice sheen to it (especially Get Figgy) and are easy to apply. The one thing I have noticed is that they aren’t as creaseless as they claim to be: without an eyeshadow primer underneath they smudge like crazy and still get clumped in your crease. Then again, I have only tried these as is, and not with a powder eyeshadow on top. My fave combo so far is Stiletto & Get Figgy on the lid and Skinny Jeans in the crease or Stiletto on its own with MAC’s Dark Diversion Fluid Line for eyeliner.

These are colors that really fit me and I love the formula. They go on pretty smoothly and you don’t have to be overly careful putting them on, because they blend and fade well. I love how they have a pretty wide range of colors and with a good base underneath these shadows can function as stand alone eyeshadows, as a color base and even as an eyeliner (which is something I have yet to try).

Q: Is there a product (doesn’t have to be make up related) you recently bought that you are in love with?

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