I cracked and bought…

As I wrote I’ve been a bad bad girl. I had told myself I couldn’t buy anything that I didn’t need for all of June & July. However, me being me, I knew that would be a stretch. One month, yes, I managed just fine, but come end of June and sale starting everywhere I could no longer resist. Also, buying things is sort of my way of rewarding myself. So when I get busy, I tend to go shopping more, as I feel I deserve it. Here’s what I bought in the past 2 weeks:


After going to London, my tea addiction has come on a bit stronger than usual. I decided to buy tons of different kinds which aren’t available in Holland. I had bought one particular kind back then which is now my favorite tea: Green Tea with Mango. Since I loved it so much and I only bought one pack, I ran out of it very soon. That’s why I took to Twinings online store last week and ordered my favorite tea as well as a few others.

Make Up!

By E.L.F. to be specific. So this batch wasn’t overly expensive. Pretty much everything I bought comes from their studio line. It’s a bit more expensive than the regular line (at 3,50 a pop it’s still cheap though), but it’s much better quality than the regular line as well. I’m particularly loving the two blushes I bought in Merry Berry & Mellow Mauve.


Of course, I cannot shop without buying a pair of shoes. I fell in love with these shoes the minute I saw them. Ideal for summer and they go perfectly with the flowery summer dress I bought at TopShop in London.


I only bought a few trinkets and everything was on sale as well. Gotta love sale shopping

– surf shorts (Lady Sting)

– black skirt (H&M)

– jeans jacket (Mango)

The jeans jacket and black skirt had been on my wishlist for a few months and the pants are just super practical and well, very me I guess.

Q: Do you shop as a reward to yourself?

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  1. Precies dat rokje heb ik ook, maar dan van de action. En niet alleen in zwart maar ook bruin, 2x donkergrijs (1x van de sting) en 1x lichtgrijs. Zijn ideaaaaal!

  2. Ja ik heb ook een grijze van de Action, maar deze is wel wat anders. Zit andere stof aan de zijkanten, maar dat zie je niet zo goed op de foto. Ze hebben em niet meer in de webshop anders had ik em daar ff vandaan geplukt.

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