Almost there…

In Dutch we have a nice saying that says: de laatste loodjes wegen het zwaarst. It says that the last few thing you have to do in a task are always the heaviest to do. The same goes for me. My vacation starts pretty much on Wednesday, but because I’ve been so busy these past few weeks I don’t even realize my vacation is just around the corner.


By now, I sort of feel like the girl in the picture above. However, the end is near: I only have one (short) paper and one more day at work to go and then I can do whatever the heck I want for 5 weeks.

The road has been long: ever since I got back from my vacay/ study trip in May, I’ve been working non-stop. I’ve even worked through weekends, or till late in the evening, just to finish everything on time. But hey, it pays off in the end. My students have their grades, save for the handful of students who didn’t register. And I’m getting mine too.

I took an exam on Monday and got the grade in yesterday. It wasn’t as good as I’d expected, but hey: I passed, meaning I get my credits and that’s what really matters. On a much brighter note, I also wrote a paper on Thursday. My teacher got back to me late last night (I got the e-mail a little past 1 AM) saying he had read my paper in one go and that I had done an extensive literature study and was making some good points. He then offered to help me rework the paper so I can offer it to a journal for publication!

Needless to say, I did a little happy dance at almost 2 AM in the morning. When I checked my university inbox this morning, I did another one. This going-back-to-uni thing serves the sole purpose of me wanting to eventually switch careers. And with a possible paper published one of the doors that I was hoping to open, will start to open ever so slightly: an career as an academic. You need publications more than anyone else if you want to make it as a scholar, so that’s one thing.

The other career option that I’ve always had in mind was to go into communication/PR/Marketing in one way or another. Now with a studies called Language & Communication, this may not be very handy as the label doesn’t add much new information to my CV. However, my university is changing the name to Communication and Information Sciences, with a specialization in language and communication. Et voilà, when I’m finished I’ll have myself a research master in Communication and Information Sciences, which on top of a Master’s of Arts in English language and culture and a Master of Education, is way more interesting.

Can you guys tell I’m a happy bunny? Right now I don’t even care about my blah grade for my exam!

Have a great weekend everyone! I know I will!

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  1. Soms moet er ook gewoon even een wat minder cijfer tussen zitten, zodat je je best blijft doen 😉 En een 6 is en blijft voldoende, dus echt klagen mag je ook niet 😛

    Maare, heb jij echt die 5 weken helemaal vrij? Of nog wat ingepland? Anders kan ik je evt. wel wat dagen doorgeven waar ik nog niks op gepland heb? (want op zich prop ik alles vrij vol hehe, nu kan het met leuke dingen! hehe ;)) Dan kunnen we nog ff een dagje afspreken ofzo 🙂

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