Song Challenge 25 – A song that makes you laugh

This one is EASY!!! I love silly songs! I love happy songs! I’m one of those people who still listens to the Macarena and dances the Lambada. I dig tunes that parody other songs, rework other songs. So, technically, I could get away just by posting everything Weird Al Yancovic ever did. Or every single punk cover of sweet voiced 60s songs. Or every summer hit that’s ever seen the light of day. But I’m not going to do that.

I’m going to leave you with a song by Weird Al Yancovic though. In the 90s he did a cover of a song by P. Diddy, then still called Puff Daddy called All About the Benjamins. This 90s hiphop song was given a rock rework, so there are two different versions to this song. The one that inspired Weird Al though, is the rock remix:

If you care to view the original song/ video, you can click here.

In the Weird Al Yankovic version, the dull highschool prom is changed into a dull office with computer geeks. While rapping about gigabytes and other nerdy topics, he is impersonating his inner P. Diddy with swagger. There’s even a reference to older Puff Daddy & Mase videos from back in the day. It’s briljant!


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