Birthday Presents

As you all know, I celebrated my birthday twice this weekend and I thought it would be cool to show you what presents I got. I got some really cool things!

A calendar. Isn’t is super duper cute?

Books and a make up bag.

Gift vouchers, necklaces, lavender soap & matching towel

I’m especially stoked about the little silver necklace that’s on the towel. A while ago, I wrote a post about my most memorable gift, which featured a few jewelry items given to me by my grandmother. Well I lost the necklace that is pictured in that post. In London. In my hotel room. My educated guess is that I accidentally dropped it in the waste paper basket when packing to leave. When I came back from London I search high and low, but I couldn’t find my necklace anywhere. But if you look closely at the picture above, you will see that I now have a very cute replacement for it.

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  1. Cute lil gifts you got there! Ah that sucks, losing something of value in a foreign country. Happened to me a few times. I would never say that it’s a replacement though, because it is not the same thing with the same value.

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