H&M Haul

Since sale season has started I have permitted myself a few buys. I already posted a blog a few weeks ago showing some buys, but I had also put in an order with H&M. Here’s what I ordered from their website:


I really wanted a pair of funky brown sunglasses. These were only 2.95 and don’t even look as bad as I’d expected. Apart from sunglasses I bought 3 basic flowy skirts. These were all around 5 euros each!

Dark grey leather look skirt

Dusty rose flowy skirt.

Dark brown flowy skirt

This last one was called ‘taupe’ by the website. Well I don’t know about you but to me it’s definitely a very dark brown. The dusty rose one is a size too big, but when I hoisted it up to my waist it actually looked very nice. I intend on wearing it with a black hose and black top, singing my waist and covering up that hideous waistband with a black belt.

Q: Do you like flowy skirts as much as I do?

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