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I tend to sweat quite a bit. In winter it isn’t much of a problem, but as soon as temperatures start to rise, I start to sweat like there is no tomorrow. My main problem are my arm pits which makes for some nice stains in all of my clothes, mostly when I’m teaching. I’ll be explaining something, lift up my arm and there you have it, one big sweaty stain for all to see. Can you say yuck?

By now I’ve tried everything: switching up deodorants, washing my arm pits every morning and evening, etc. No matter what I tried, not a single deodorants or trick in the book seemed to work. Till I found anti-perspiration! Anti-perspi-what? Anti-perspiration: works like deodorant, but makes you sweatless for 2 – 3 days. I have two:

On the left you see one which I bought in Holland. It’s a liquid which you pat onto your armpits every 2 – 3 days. At first I was skeptical whether it would work, but it really does. Just don’t use it right after shaving your arm pits because then you’ll get one nasty reaction. The one on the right was bought in the UK and it’s very much like a roll on deodorant, but yet again it keeps sweat away for 2-3 days.

Anti-perspiration comes in different forms: as rollers or pat on like shown above, as creams, as sprays, etc. They are more expensive then your average deodorant, but the one on the left I’ve had since March and you can barely see how much I’ve used as it’s so economical and worth the money. Prices range from a little more expensive then deodorant (3 – 4 euros), to much more expensive (12 – 15 euros).

Even at those prices I think it is worth a shot, no? I do use deodorant on the side, even though the labels claim you won’t have to. Just make sure you check the label. I have a feeling there are some pretty aggressive ingredients in there that make it work. Alcohol is probably one of them. So make sure to check the label and see whether there are any ingredients which could cause any reactions. When you do decide to buy it, just try it on a less sensitive piece of skin first. That’s what I did.

Q: Do you use anti-perspiration?

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  1. I used to sweat (and smell) under my arms as well but ever since I started using Secret deodorant, none of that! There’s probably some anti-perspiration in it as well, no clue. And the smell stays for EVER. If I put it on after I shower in the morning, the next morning in the shower, I can still smell it!

  2. I’ve not had to use this, unless it’s REALLY hot or I’m exercising – normal deodorant is normally enough for me.

    However, face… ugh my face sweats! Most of my make up comes off on a hot day!

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