Vacation time!

After today, I can finally say that my vacation has officially started. And boy am I in for a good start!

Even though I won’t be going to any sunny sandy beaches (that is not my type of vacation), I think my vacay will be fun. Today I’m going on an outing with work. I couldn’t go last year as they were heading into the woods and my allergies would most likely kill me. This year they also go into a forest, but only in the mornings, so I’m skipping that bit, and will go there in the afternoon.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to see Harry Potter Part 7.2. As you may know, I’m attempting to read all the books before I go see the movie and so far so good. I’m at book 7 right now. If I don’t finish the book in time, I’ll just start my own Harry Potter movie marathon as I have parts 1 till 7.1 on DVD.

On Saturday I will really kick off my vacation with a bang. I’m going to Extrema Outdoor: an outdoor dance festival held in my old home town. There’s quite a few DJs coming whose music I like. The only thing I’m hoping for is nice weather, but I think we’ll be fine no matter what. I’ll be going with my best friend, her boyfriend and another friend of hers. Good times are to be had is my prediction.

Then on Monday and Tuesday I’ll be going to concerts. First up is Justin Nozuka. I’ve seen him three times already. I’m going with Pauline and she’s never been able to see him play live, so I’m sure it will be a great time. On Tuesday I’m going to see Pete & the Pirates. Indie rock from London. I heard quite a few things about them online, but was unable to find any more of their music, except for what was floating around on Myspace. They seem to be doing quite well this time around though so I’ve managed to hear some songs and even their latest album and I liked it so much that I decided to get tickets. So I’m curious as to what that will bring.

Then last but not least, I have a farewell BBQ of my housemates on Wednesday. As of July 26th I will get a new temporary housemate as my current one will go to the USA for an internship and she’s having a goodbye BBQ on Wednesday. Don’t know any specifics yet, but hey, it’s vacation so I really don’t mind. Then on Thursday I’m planning on going to Primark to do a bit of shopping.

So there you have it: my plans for the first week of my vacation. Other plans include: read books, watch DVDs and do nothing. Oh and of course Dublin, but I will write a post about that in due time, once I know what we’re actually going to do.

Q: Do you have vacation and if so: what are your plans?

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  1. Ahh I wish my vacation was as “packed” as yours. All that I’ve got planned so far is a weekend in Düsseldorf, a weekend at my family’s and 4 days in London. That’s it 🙂 I will be spending the rest of it reading books, watching movies and cleaning the house haha.

  2. ^^ I didn’t plan anything last year. Except for 2 shopping trips, but other than that: nada. That was 5 weeks of sitting at home. Well after 3 I got utterly bored, so I decided to change it up this time round.

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