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I got tagged in this post by Noelle. Her tag is in Dutch, so I’ve taken the freedom to translate the questions into English and answer them here.

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Which make up/ beauty product did you buy last and which product did you have to save up for?

Last item I bought was probably a nail polish: Let’s Mauve On by Catrice. The only make up/ beauty related items that I save up for or save for special occasions are perfumes. They are pretty expensive and it’s something I’ll only buy when I want to splurge on myself.

If you were a beauty product, which would it be and why?

A nail polish. Because A) they’re my main beauty addiction and B) they are versatile and I believe I am as well.

How many friends do you have with whom you can talk for hours about the perfect blush or fantastic eye shadow.

Pretty simple: none really. There’s a few people online, but I don’t have any friends in r/l who share my make up obsession.

When was the last time you threw out make up?

I have a tendency to not throw out any of my possessions (also non-make up related ones). I just have a hard time doing it. So for make up goes: if it looks and smells okay I’m keeping it. I did throw out a bunch of old eyeshadows before my current make up obsession started though. But that was make up that I had bought when I was 12, and thus was a) cheap as hell, b) badly chosen colors or c) too gross to touch with a 10 foot pole.

How did your make up obsession get started?

My real obsession only began last year. That’s when I started watching make up videos on youtube. Before that I was into make up, but I would stick to very simple looks which all looked the same because I didn’t have that much and didn’t really know what I was doing. But then youtube came around and I was blown away by all the options and started trying new things. My favorite discovery: the existence of eyeshadow bases that make your eyeshadow last forever.

If someone who’s not into make up asks you how many nail polishes and eyeshadows you have, do you give an honest answer?

Yes I do. I don’t know it from the top of my head, but I can give a rough estimate at any time. And I will. I don’t really see why it should be anything to be ashamed of. I work and like to buy things with the money I make. If people are going to judge me by the amount of make up (or shoes) I have, I think they are just being shallow and should try to look beyond that. Never judge a book by its cover!

How many times do you go to the drug store without needing anything?

Plenty of times. I walk into drug stores ever so often to see what’s new. I don’t always buy anything but it sometimes provides me with ideas for my wish list.

How much time do you spend on reading about beauty?

There’s a few blogs I follow. But that’s less than a handful. I also keep track of a handful of youtube gurus, but that’s it. I read a bit, but not too much. I have plenty of other interests to keep up with.

What is your favorite make up item?

Nail polish! I love the colors and it’s such and easy way to accessorize.

Do you have wish list and how many items are on there?

I have a few items on my wish list: a bunch of MAC eyeshadows (still working on filling up my palette) and 3 perfumes: Dior Miss Chérie Eau de Parfum, Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette (the eau de parfum gave me a rash when I tried it in store) and Si Lolita by Lempicka.

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I don’t really know who to tag. I guess Alison should do it, but other than that: if you feel like doing it, go ahead and be my guest!

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