Extrema Outdoor 2011

On Saturday me and some friends went to Extrema Outdoor at AquaBest. We knew it was going to rain later in the day. So, decked out with cheap ponchos and a healthy amount of good spirits we set off for the festival on Saturday afternoon.

I arrived in Best around noon, where my friend picked me up and we set off for her house to have lunch. Not too long after that, the four of us left the house and walked to the festival. My parents as well as my friends live very close to the festival (my mom could hear it clearly from the backyard) so walking was no problem for us. We arrived at the festival around 2.30 PM. Since it had already started at 11 AM, there were plenty of people there and we set off to explore the festival grounds, had something to drink and eat and decided on going to a tent where Kraak & Smaak were playing a DJ set.

By this time it was still really nice weather. It was hot and so we decided to leave the tent and go to Sven Väth instead. We really wanted to ‘see’ Hardwell and since he wasn’t on for some time we decided on a bathroom break and some more food. By this time it started to drizzle which turned into a steady downpour 15 minutes later. We hid under a roof for a while, then decided we were going to get wet anyway, so we had our fries standing in the pouring rain, covered in ponchos. The only thing that didn’t make it seem weird was the fact that EVERYONE was doing the same.

At 6 PM Hardwell started his set and it was super cool. We tried to keep shelter under a tree, but since more people had decided on that, we quickly opted for our own little rain dance. Hardwell’s set was the first one that really got us dancing, despite the rain. Once Hardwell was done, we exchanged the Royal Dutch stage for FutureFunk where we got to hear the final snippet of Armand Van Helden’s set, and got our dance on to Afrojack a few minutes later. I have to say that both Afrojack and Hardwell were awesome, the rest was so-so.

After dancing in the rain for nearly 3,5 hours we were cold, sticky and tired. So we decided to take our tokens, buy some more drinks and go home. But not before me and my friend had had some ice cream first! We were soaked to the bone, and freezing but we really were craving ice cream, so we just went with it. There’s a picture but I don’t have it now, so I’ll make sure to post it when I get it.

We walked home around 9.30 PM and went to my friends’ place for some more drinks, some late night snacks and a chat. I was home around 2.30 AM, my pants still soaked and my shoes nearly ruined, but it was well worth it. Needless to say, I’m still trying to recuperate and am surprised that I haven’t come down with a nasty cold. But it was well worth it because I had a blast!

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  1. Sounds like you had a blast, your unlikely to get a cold from being cold and wet. Cold is a virus so you have to have it passed on to you by someone else.

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