Song Challenge 26 – A song you can play on an instrument

I already told you before that I sing, but don’t play any instruments, so please please please don’t laugh. I already listed a song that I can sing in the post on a song I know all the words to. Therefore I thought it would only be fair to list a song here that I can actually play on an instrument. Because even though I don’t play an instrument, I can play a few songs. The most memorable for me being Au Clair de la Lune, which I can play on a recorder. (See, I told you not to laugh).

We all had to play recorders as fresh man in highschool when we didn’t play any other instruments well enough to join the orchestra. This means that 3 kids per class were allowed to skip music lessons while the rest of us tortured ourselves learning silly 20 second melodies on a plastic recorder. Au Clair de la Lune was the first real song we had to play and I was quite good at it at the time. Now, is completely different story though. Here’s how the song goes:

On a recorder it sounds something like this (I’m about this good as well at the moment, which is telling you something):

And youtube wouldn’t be youtube, if there wasn’t a tutorial for playing this on a recorder!! Enjoy!

2 responses to “Song Challenge 26 – A song you can play on an instrument”

  1. Hahahah classic! I used to play the recorder for years, which little girl didn’t? Then I started playing synth for a few years and a few years ago I started teaching myself to play the guitar and I got “More Than Words”, “Bubbly” (Colbie Callait (??)) and some simple 3 chord songs from Beatles and Bob Marley down now. Love playing it!

  2. Lol, we started playing recorders at age 9 so a few years before highschool. I did play an instrument at that time also but I still had to do the recorder. I played the flute which I was much better at than the recorder!

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