Movie Trailer: Bel Ami (w/ Rob Pattinson)

OMG! That was all I thought when I was aimlessly browsing some websites before going to bed last night. Every Rob fan in the world has been pining over Rob’s appearance at ComicCon to promote The Twilight’s Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 1 over the past few days. Since I seem to be the only person NOT excited about Breaking Dawn, I could care less about his atrocious hair cut (it was for a movie he just finished shooting) or the details on some of the more explicit scenes in BD. Now what really got my heartbeat going is this: The trailer for Rob’s latest movie Bel Ami.

Bel Ami is a movie based on Guy de Maupassant’s short novel of the same title. It’s about a soldier with no money who runs into an old, by now rich, friend on the streets of Paris. He is invited to a dinner party at his friend’s house, but he has no clue about high society. Quickly, he learns the ropes and starts seducing his friend’s wife as well as some of her friends. By using cunning deceit, seduction and charm, George DuRoy literally sleeps his way up the social ladder and in the end gets exactly what he wants.

If you haven’t read the book yet, I highly recommend you do so. It’s magnificent. That is, if you like dark, twisted characters like I do. Because George is anything BUT a nice guy and I’ve been pining to see Rob Pattinson play this character. It’s such a long stretch from stiff Edward in Twilight, or shy naive boys like Jacob in Water for Elephants. George is evil, cunning and driven by lust. I’m so curious to see how he pulls it off. If I’m to judge the trailer I think he actually will. Of course you cannot judge an actor’s performance solely on a trailer, but this surely got me more excited than the Breaking Dawn one.

So screw Breaking Dawn, I’m looking forward to Bel Ami. There is no release date out yet. Rumors state October 19th, but I’ve also heard December floating around. The only thing safe to guess is a release date some time at the end of this year. My winter just got a whole lot better.

Q: What movie are you looking forward to?

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  1. Not really into these kind of movies, they’re way too serious for me. I am not really sure about new movies that are yet to premier but I downloaded a few that are waiting for me to watch them, like “She’s Out of my League”. Cheesy movies are so my thing 😛

  2. I love these if they are well made. I’m also looking forward to the 2nd Sherlock Holmes movie. I love action movies. Cheesy movies are so not my thing 😉

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