Hayfever update

It’s been a while since I gave an update about my hayfever. The reason for that is because I’m starting to notice my allergies less and less. Seems like my immune therapy is starting to pay off!

By now, I’ve been getting shots for almost a year. I started at the end of August last year and have been getting shots ever since. I already told you that I can finally eat apples again for the first time in years. Now, for the first time in years, June & July haven’t been going by in a blurry haze of teary-eyed, locked up hours with a book on my couch. On the contrary, I have been able to drastically cut down my medicine intake and on some days I don’t even take anything at all.

Around the same time last year (and some years before that) I would have to lock myself into my room with all doors and windows closed and the curtains drawn because I was feeling so bad. It was in June when I got sinus infections caused by my allergies, or I just got really really sick. So what a difference this has been: hardly any meds, no sickness, just the occasional sneeze and itch.

I do notice that when I’ve been out all day I need a bit extra, but especially on rainy days I can go without meds. Here’s to hoping my hayfever will continue to lessen and hopefully it will also be less come spring time.

Q: How have your allergies been?

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  1. My allergies have been way less. Not sure whether it is because of the weather or not, but in the past month I have not had big issues with my allergies, thankfully!

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