My day in Amsterdam: shoplog H&M, MAC, Lush

Yesterday me and my mom went to Amsterdam to do some shopping. We saw plenty of shops, but both didn’t buy a gazillion things. My mom really wanted a new bag, which she found at the first store we entered. The only places I wanted to go to were MAC & Lush. So we weren’t set for a very serious round of shopping, but spent the entire day just browsing around having a drink or some food here and there. So there aren’t too many items to write about this time, but I will show you nonetheless.

In the picture above you can see Lush’ Angels on Bare Skin exfoliator and three MAC eyeshadows in pan form. I had a sample of Angels and thought it amazing so I decided that I would buy a full size pot as soon as I came anywhere near a Lush. So there you go! The MAC eyeshadows are (from left to right): Star Violet, Humid and Green Smoke. I didn’t have any green MAC eyeshadows yet, and fell in love with Humid and Green Smoke when I swatched them. Star Violet is also a very pretty color. It was between this one and Trax but Star Violet won as it made a much better swatch than Trax.

At H&M I found this pair of shorts. They are black, highwaisted and have very cute bow pattern. I saw them in Leiden, but I didn’t buy them because my size wasn’t available anymore. When I spotted a whole rack full of these shorts at one of the gazillion H&M stores in Amsterdam I decided to pop in and find out whether they had any larger sizes. This one fit perfectly. I also tried on a pair of blue polka dot ones, but those look horrible on me.

As you can see: not too much stuff, but some cute things nonetheless.

Q: Do you go to other cities than your own just to go shopping?

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  1. I don’t do clothes shopping other than in LA.As for MAC, I might buy a thing or 2,3 in Holland or Germany, but most hauling happens in LA as well. Saves a lot of $$

    • You’re fortunate going to the States every year. I have skipped two years now. But I will be going back next year! So will definitely do a good haul there as well.

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