New phone + phone case (Samsung Galaxy S2)

I got a new phone! YAY! My contract came up for renewal the day before I left for Dublin and after talking to some friends in the Cow, I was sure of what my new phone would be. And here she is, my new baby:

Both my friends have the Samsung Galaxy S2. It’s been out for a few months now, but it’s pretty much the fastest phone currently on the market. If you’ve been following this blog, then you will know that I was strongly contemplating switching to an Iphone or maybe sticking with Blackberry. Well Iphones are super expensive and still not my cup of tea and Blackberry has nothing interesting available at the moment and since all mobile phone providers in Holland are changing their contracts right around this time, I wanted to make sure to get a new contract as soon as possible.

Long story short, after fiddling around with my friends’ phones in the pub I had quickly made up my mind. I went to three different phone stores in town to find out about the best deals: cheapest monthly rate plus as many extras as I could get and of course to see what other phones they have on offer.

After shopping around I quickly found out that the Samsung Galaxy S2 would much better fit my needs than a Blackberry or an Iphone. It has a dual processor (the first of its kind together with the HTC Wildfire), an 8.0 megapixel camera, a vibrantly bright touch screen and comes with the latest edition of Android. It is really thin and lightweight and has much longer battery life than my old Blackberry Storm.

How you organize your applications is completely up to you and pretty much is customizable. So I’m a happy bunny. It’s been working like charm so far. The phone is actually slimmer than in these pictures, as I’ve added a silicone case to protect it. I’ve also stuck a screen protector on it as I’m allergic to dirty screens. To give it a tad more protection when it’s in my bag, I’ve also made a case myself. I’ve made a phone case for the past 3 phones I’ve had as well as my mp3 player. Here’s the one I made this time round:

I really like the multiple colors. I totally eyeball these cases and make them while fitting my phone into it multiple times. And for your information: I didn’t knit this as I don’t know how to knit, no this is crochet. My grandma taught me how to do it when I was little and I made little things like this from time to time.

Q: If you were to get a new phone, what kind of phone would you want?

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  1. Ik heb dezelfde telefoon en ben er superblij mee. En ik bel gratis via Skype en ‘sms’ gratis via Whatsapp 🙂

  2. Great choice of phone! I have a really inexpensive LG right now since I have no contract. It’s no use to get a contract because I travel between Germany and Holland ALL the time, so I have a prepaid card. If I were to get a contract, I would probably also go for a Samsung or LG smartphone.

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