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I contemplated doing a blog on this topic for a long time. I’m not one to really think about these things. I never really stop and think about why I do the things I do. I just do them. I usually feel too young and too inexperienced to really say: this person influenced me this way, or this moment defines this part of my life. I just feel that there is so much to learn and so much to do in life that I don’t have time to stop and look back at all the good things that have happened to me. But sometimes you have to do just that. That’s is why I’ve decided to sit down and write this post.


The first person who inspires me is my mom. Cheesy I know. She told me as a teenager that no matter what it was that I wanted to do in life, that she would always support me. And she did. When I decided to move half way across the country to do go to university she never told me not to do it. When I decided to go abroad for half a year she never stopped me. She always told me to follow my dreams and has been supporting me 100% throughout my life. Granted, she doesn’t always understand how I live my life, but I know that I can count on her to be proud of me no matter what.

My second inspiration is my English teacher from high school. She was my teacher freshman year and in my third year and I really think that it’s because of her that I wanted to become an English teacher in the first place. I really liked her style of teaching and I think I’ve actually modeled my own teaching methods after hers. Another high school teacher that has inspired me in my teaching is my maths teacher who taught me junior and senior year. I sucked at the subject, but he always tried to motivate me, help me, no matter what. His motto: if you show me that you work hard, but you simply can’t do it, I will help you in anyway I can. I tell this to every new group of students, as I completely agree.

When it comes to teachers I could name tons that have inspired me (for better or worse), but another one that definitely stands out is one of the professors who works at my current university. He is so smart, knows so much, has absolute passion for his job, is a true academic and yet he has not lost touch with teaching and dealing with students. He is pretty high up the academic ladder and still finds time to help students with finding ideas for research and their overall curriculum. If I could be half the researcher and teacher he is, than I think I did a very good job.

Another inspiration is completely random. It’s Tara Stiles. She’s a yoga expert and fitness expert. I’ve been following her on twitter for a while, and she’s always sending reminders about how not to stress out and keep breathing. I find her tweets and youtube videos inspiring to live healthier and less stressful. The only thing I am not inspired by is her body. She’s the skinniest person I’ve ever seen and to me it’s a bit too much. Every time I see her I just feel like saying: girl, EAT!

Q: Who inspires you to do the things you do?

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  1. First and foremost my parents, of course. The way they’ve always worked really hard to provide us the best life that we could have, take us all over the world, travel all over America and Europe. Also my boyfriend, another cheesy one, but he has a full time job and also works from home outside of his regular work hours and he never once complains. He gets up every morning before 7 and never complains. He has literally taken 2 sick days in the 2 years that I have known him. He always supports me in any way he can when it comes to studying. When I feel down and unmotivated, he will talk to me and help me with things so I get back into it. And then Kelly Cutrone. I love her hardcore way of managing an office.

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