That’s right. Youtube now has a special page promoting music. And I say it was about time. For ages the website has been blocking music in several countries, but finally they seem to understand that people don’t just use youtube to watch videos of people acting stupid. No, plenty of people (like me) use the online video channel to listen to music and with this new page the website tries to play into the needs of a majority of their viewers.

The page is very handy if you like music. Not only does it give your recommendations to discover new music, but it also recommends artists and lists upcoming concerts. It showcases the Youtube Top 100, but more importantly it makes it easier to find cool playlists and showcases artists on the top of the page. Here are some of my faves that are up right now.

Spin’s Best Albums of 2011… So far.

Great playlist that puts the spotlight on some amazing albums that have been released in the past 8 months. Fleet Foxes, Foo Fighters, Bon Iver, Adele, Elbow, Kurt Vile, TV on the Radio, Lykke Li and many more are listed in this overview of some of the most amazing newly released music.

Covers That Are Better Than the Original

The title here pretty much says it all. Playlist includes Johnny Cash’ cover of the Nine Inch Nails song Hurt. That’s all I need to make this list worth my time.

Guetta’s Guide to Electronic

This one’s for all the electronic music lovers out there. David Guetta lists his favorite electro videos. Some are new(ish) some are old/ classic.

Other show cases include: Lady Gaga’s Guide to Pop, Soultrain and the Music Tuesday channel.

I just know I’m going to have fun with this page. How about you?

Q: Do you think you will use the new youtube page?

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