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I desperately needed a ton of things this time round, as I was running out of necessary products girls need every once in a while (usually once a month, ahem). I also wanted to go to Amsterdam to pay the MAC Pro store a visit to buy the final eyeshadows for my palette and thus I embarked on a shopping spree two days in a row.

Just the other week, I discovered a discount store in my town where they sold all beauty products and cosmetics for cheap. In the mean time, since I was out and about anyway, I decided to pop into some more stores and came home with a bit more than I had anticipated. Here’s what I bought on that particular spree:

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Shampoo & Curvaceous Curls curl defining spray

I’ve been wanting to try John Frieda products for some time now. The discount store had a great deal: 2 products for 10 euros, while one product in a regular store will cost 9 euros. I thought it would be worth a shot this way.

Veet depilatory creme & Montagne Jeunesse face masks

The Veet stuff is my fave way to get rid of hair. Again, I bought 2, as it was as expensive as buying one at a regular drug store. Just recently I’ve been getting into face masks and I’m just trying a bunch of them. That’s the reason why I got these. The three I got are: Crushed Raspberry & Mango Fruit Smoothie, White Chocolate and Cream & Honey. I’m very curious about these masks. So far I’ve only tried HEMA ones.

Maybelline One by One Waterproof mascara, Bourjois blush in no. 16 rose coup de foudre, Catrice lipgloss in Forbidden Apple, Catrice lipstick in let’s dance salsa

I already own a One by One mascara, but it’s nearly run out and it’s not waterproof. So I repurchased it as it’s my fave mascara. Etos (a Dutch drug store) now offers all Maybelline mascaras at a discount (they all cost 7.50), so if you like Maybelline mascaras and you’re in Holland you may want to look for one.

The lipstick and lipgloss were on sale. Catrice is chucking out a number of products to be replaced in the very near future, so I got both at a 50% discount. The lipstick is a great shimmery bright raspberry pink color. The gloss is a deeper shade of raspberry pink with pink reflects. So pretty! The blush is a very nice, sheer coral color with a peachy undertone.

Essence nail polish: Bella, Edward, Troy, Time for Romance

I thought I wasn’t going to buy anymore nail polish, but I’ve yet to try this brand and these polishes are all part of their new collection which was released just recently. Naturally I had to get the Bella and Edward set. Don’t you just love that it’s the one called Edward that is the glitter topcoat?

Dior – Miss Dior Chèrie eau the parfum

This has been on my wishlist for god knows how long! I was gifted a voucher to spend at a high end drug store for my birthday so I decided to buy this with that giftcard. Thanks to Ewa & Kimberley!

Despicable Me DVD

I blogged about this movie the other day and loved it so much that I decided to buy it!

In Amsterdam I only went to three stores, but it  ended up being an afternoon filling endeavor. I went to MAC, Inglot (first time and it was great, will blog about this separately), Zara and I stopped at Pieces at the station on my way home.

Thick grey tube scarf (Pieces)

I saw these at the station on Monday and tried finding one in Amsterdam and in Leiden while I was out shopping, but they didn’t have this particular one anymore. I love it! It’s thick and bulky, but still light enough to wear indoors. I love wearing scarves over my sweaters in winter.

Forest green button down sweater (ZARA)

Looking at this picture on my screen, this sweater doesn’t really look forest green at all, but trust me it is. I wanted to go to ZARA as we don’t have one in Leiden and I was sure they’d have a simple forest green sweater. And they did!

Ochre colored button down sweater (ZARA)

Another comfy sweater from ZARA for fall. I was simply looking for sweaters that would go with this seasons colors a bit more. You know to update my wardrobe ever so slightly. I thought this color would look hideous on me, but when I tried it on it looked really nice! I love these sweaters from ZARA by the way. I believe I have 5 or 6 of them, all in different colors and they are so comfy and not too expensive. A button down one is 14.95. The ones without buttons are 12.95.

INGLOT freedom system eyeshadow palette

I will write a separate post about my INGLOT experience, as I have lots to say about that (it’s all positive though) and after a 2 hour visit I walked out the door with a palette with some neutral and more eyepopping colors. It’s exactly what I had asked for and the two dark shades on the left are SO pretty. I have never seen colors like that before. I didn’t take any pictures of my MAC eyeshadows. I am planning on doing an updated make up collection some time in the very near future and I want to make it as indepth as possible so you will get to see those soon!

Q: Can you tell I love shopping?

8 responses to “Haul: Inglot, Zara & other make up, cosmetics and random stuff”

  1. Noelle Avatar

    Great haul! I need a tube scarf badly! I hope to find one today!!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Try Pieces, I love their scarves. And weird but true: HEMA has tons of great ones too!

  2. AWildDog Avatar

    Awesome stuff hun. I quite like facemasks once in a while, gives my face a good deep clean, I’ve tried a few in the range you have posted here they worked fine for me, but I feel I should warn you that one of them made my friend break out – so you may want to do a skin test first.
    I think sachets of them are much better than buying a whole tub as you can buy one that suited to you skins needs at that particular time.
    Not sure if you have boots there, but in the natural collection (where they do the soaps and stuff) they have one too and I quite like that one.
    The others I have are from Avon – which was a gift for Christmas which are also pretty good, but unsure if they sell them normally – will have to check.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Oh thanks for the heads up. I will try them anywayz. If I break out I have tons of stuff to fix it with. We don’t have Boots unfortunately and I don’t think you can buy Avon over here as well. Bummer!

      1. AWildDog Avatar

        I’m sure you have equivalents, have fun trying them anyway. I find it’s a great way also to make me sit down to 10 minutes when I’ve had a really busy week! x

  3. Kimberley Avatar

    Yaayyy 😀 Goeie keuze gemaakt met onze giftcard meisje 😀 😀
    En die nagellakjes, die Edward kleur is mooi <3333 En idd leuk detail dat ze juist dáár de glitter bij hebben gedaan 😀

    Nu wil ik ook shoppen door deze blog -_-

  4. indiequeen84 Avatar

    ^^ Dan GA je shoppen! 🙂 En thanks… Ik vind die geur zo heerlijk dus ik denk een giftcard goed besteed idd.

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