I’m ready for dance class!

This past weekend I went back to the gym for the first time since my vacation. My main reason being a nasty tumble down the stairs. I hurt my knee so badly that it’s still bothering me at time, but nothing too major. So I decided it was time to get going on the gym bit, as of Monday dance classes will start back up too. And I honestly can’t wait for that to happen.

I just love love love to dance. It’s really what keeps me sane and for a big part it also makes me happy. One reason being that it’s been part of my life for so long that I really don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t dance anymore. Compared to dance class the gym is simply boring. I’ve tried several classes at my gym (including the dance oriented ones) and those are just so easy as they are all aimed at people with no sense of rhythm or coordination.

My main reason for loving dance so much is that I helps me to switch to thinking about other things for a bit. After a long day of teaching, dance class allows me to completely focus on that and forget about the rest. No matter how stressful a day has been, I can take that stress and put it in my dancing and use that energy in a completely different and, to me, much healthier way.

Another reason why I love to dance is because it genuinely makes me happy. I can get a complete adrenaline rush from nailing that one routing, pushing myself to do an extra pirouette, or from finally kicking higher than I ever did before. It’s fun, it keeps me healthy, flexible and strong and it just makes me feel good in general. It’s just the little boost I need after a long day’s work and so I don’t think I’ll ever stop. Not until a doctor tells me I can’t do it anymore.

So there you go, my reasons for still going strong even after 20+ years of dance classes. I will be taking the same classes as last year (hip hop and jazz), but I will join the adult group again for the hip hop class. Last year I joined a class for teenagers, else I couldn’t combine the hip hop and jazz classes in my busy schedule, but those teenagers were driving me crazy by the end of the year so I’m happy I can join my regular class again. As for jazz, that will be the same old, same old, but that’s what I like about it as I really enjoy that style of dancing.

Q: Have you ever taken dance classes? If so, which ones and do you still dance?

2 responses to “I’m ready for dance class!”

  1. aaaah ik weet precies hoe je je voelt. Ik heb ook altijd hiphop/jazz gedanst sinds mijn 7de en was altijd zo gelukkig als ik kon dansen. Helaas hebben ze waar ik nu woon in Zweden alleen lessen voor tieners..ik heb geen zin daar tussen te staan nu ik over 2 weken (IIEEEH) 30 wordt. Balen! En ik vind de dans georienteerde lessen ook zo saai! De gewone gym ook! Er gaat niets boven een gave beat waarop je kunt dansen….

  2. Never taken any classes, I guess my parents just didn’t think about it when I was younger, but I’ve always been dancing always. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t dance.

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