Doggy: Takkie (picspam)

Doggy: Takkie (picspam)

Some of you may know that my parents own a dog. We got her almost 11 years ago and she’s a black and white Jack Russell Terrier. Her name is Takkie (after a dog in a Dutch children’s story) and she’s the cutest little thing ever. She’s got all the character traits a good Jack Russell needs: stubborn, playful (though that’s becoming less) and she has a bad case of the I’m-a-small-dog-but-I-think-I’m-a-big-dog syndrome. I thought it’d be time to show you all what she looks like. So here are some completely random pictures featuring my favorite model, Takkie. Enjoy!

Most recent picture. Taken with my new Samsung Galaxy SII.

‘helping’ my mom with some cooking

favorite activity: sleeping

We gave her a nickname due to her ears always sticking up: Gizmo

Favorite spot: the couch….

… but preferably tucked in under a nice warm blanket

lawn chairs are super comfy too though…

blankets + sunshine = score!

favorite toy: balls (she actually plays soccer with them)

personal heating system

Are you talking to me?

Q: Do you have any pets that are dear to you?


8 thoughts on “Doggy: Takkie (picspam)

  1. I’ve always been a veeeeery clean and neat person and so I have never been a big fan of pets. But I do think puppies and kittens can be extremely adorable, so if I didn’t think they were so dirty and if they wouldn’t shed as much, I would definitely want one!

    1. I’m the worst person ever with keeping anything (plants are a disaster too). So before I start on animals, I think I should start with a goldfish. If that lasts more than a day I could move to bigger things. Right now, a pet is out of the question as I’m never home. I would feel awful knowing it would be sitting there all alone all day.

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