Fall must have: the scarf

When the weather is becoming dreary, just like it did yesterday, I take out my favorite winter accessory: the scarf. It’s great for keeping you warm and it makes you look fashionable at the same time. There are many types of scarves and they come in many shapes and forms. They can dress an outfit up or down, add color and texture and are super comfy to wear. Here are my favorites:

The infinity scarf.

These come in many colors and textures. I love the big and bulky ones, like the one in the picture. In fact, I have the same one. It’s by Pieces and it’s really nice and warm. It feels like I’ve got a stuffed animal around my neck. You also have these in thinner fabrics which are great too.

Regular scarf:

These scarves are super multi-functional. You can tie them in different ways and make for a more casual look. They are great for keeping warm on cold and windy days, but also add a pop of color or can make your look more fashionable. You can dress it up with a long, bold necklace and wear it underneath the scarf, having it poke out at the bottom.

Triangular scarf:

For an ultimate casual look, you can opt for a triangular scarf. To me, this breathes casual and edgy over anything else. These usually come in fun patterns, with a lot of fringe detailing. It is a bit of an acquired taste, but with the right outfit these can look incredibly cool.

Last but not least, I would like to share this video with you that I found on youtube. This video is by Wendy’s Lookbook. Her fashion videos are very well made and fun to watch. Here’s her 25 different takes on how to wear a scarf:

2 responses to “Fall must have: the scarf”

  1. Ohh wat een grappig filmpje!
    En die infinity scarf in het grijs, lijkt wel of íedereen die heeft! Ik zie ze zooooveel! (maar hij is leuk, dat wel!!)

  2. ^^ Hij is heel erg lekker! Hij was ook al bijna overal uitverkocht. Heb em alleen op Leiden CS gezien!

    En dat filmpjes is zo leuk gedaan. Al haar filmpjes zijn zo. Doet ze samen met dr vriend. Zo grappig!

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