Seven Deadly Sins 2: Gluttony

Today’s seven deadly sins post features gluttony. So here are my 7 guilty pleasures.

1.) Candy

That’s why I posted that picture. I love sweet things. I go through phases though: one minute I’m into liquorice, another into chocolate cookies, then it’s ice cream or like now it’s ‘pepernoten’. It differs per season and per mood, but generally: when it’s sweet and especially when it contains chocolate I won’t say no to it.

2.) Food

I can also list food in general. Especially since this post is all about gluttony, it just makes me think of food. I could literally eat all day. If you stick food in front of me, I’ll eat it. It’s why I buy only those things I need, I portion my food properly and I limit myself to w/e is in my lunchbox/ on my plate. If I wouldn’t I would just be eating too much all the time and that’s not a healthy thing to do. However, in my opinion there is nothing more delicious than a good plate of pasta, noodles, fish, cheese, meats, or sandwiches.

3.) Bad music

In my post where I listed 5 guilty pleasures, I listed 90s music, but I’ve decided that I just like ‘bad music’. Period. It’s not just limited to sugary 90s bubble gum pop, or crooning 90s R&B, but I also have weakness for disco (Disco Inferno is my favorite), bad 80s music (think hair bands and Bronski Beat), silly dance songs and any musical fad in general. Yup I still dance the funky chicken, the macarena and the lambada. You know what? I love it.

4.) Animated & dance movies

I also like action flicks like you can read in the original post, but I’m also a sucker for animated movies. I’ve been collecting Disney movies for 10 years now and I nearly have all the ones I would like to have. Another weakness are dance movies. I have a long list of them and even though every single movie is pretty much the same (boy meets girl, one likes to dance and has a dream, other person helps them and they fall in love), it’s the dancing that really matters. I get a kick out of watching people do some crazy moves.

5.) Shoes

Another weakness already listed in an earlier post. I just can’t pass up on a cool/ cute pair of shoes. I’ve been eyeballing these for a few weeks now, but I am not too sure on them yet. They look cool, are not too expensive, but the shipping is insane and I’d think I’d have to pay customs over them too. That could make it one expensive pair of shoes. Will think about it.

6.) Comfy outfits

I could live in my sweatpants. No kidding! If I could get away with at work I so would wear them all the time. But since I can’t my comfy outfits are limited to indoor and around the house activities. In winter I usually change outfits straight out of work. Sunday’s is pj day and on Saturday’s I usually lounge around in my work out gear until I take a shower after which I change into my pjs. Love it!

7.) Blogging

In a way keeping this place up and running and trying to post as regularly as possible has become a bit of an addiction. To the point where I feel a bit out of sorts when I know I have nothing planned to go up. I just don’t want to keep it empty. It’s nothing to get worried about, I just think it’s great to have something up and see people leaving comments. And I’ll admit: I have occasionally written a post while at work.

Q: What are your quilty pleasures?

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