Current favorite songs: September

I have a few more songs for you that I’ve been listening to on repeat for the past couple of weeks. And when searching for when I posted something like this the last time, it occurred to me it had been a month since I did. So, maybe I could turn this into a monthly post? What do you think? Anywho, for now: my 10 favorite songs of the moment.

1.) Austra – Beat and the Pulse

2.) The Middle Eat – Months

3.) Teams – The Only One ft. Bobbi Dahl

4.) Papercut – Black Dog

5.) Warpaint – Beetles

6.) How to Dress Well – Decisions (Orchestral Version)

7.) Moths – Summer

8.) Painted Palms – All of Us (Beat Connection Remix)

9.) Pure X – Dry Ice

10.) Sun Glitters – Yesterday’s Weakness

2 responses to “Current favorite songs: September”

  1. Thanks!!!
    I know have a couple more very good songs on my iPod 😀

    I especially love:
    – How to Dress Well – Decisions (Orchestral Version)
    – Moths – Summer

    Keep them coming!!!

    Love Janneke

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