NOTW: I’m feeling blue

Since the past few days have proven to be lovely Indian summer days, I thought it was time to wear a pretty summery color on my nails again. Just one last time, before the days become actual dark and gloomy and I take to wearing dark greens, blacks, browns and glitters again. My favorite summer color has to be Essie’s Coat Azure. It’s so pretty and perfect for summer:

It’s a very pretty pale blue color, which reminds me of pictures of those towns in Spain. You know: white houses, blue sea in the background? That sort of thing. It’s a great color and I have nothing like it in my collection. Since it’s so pretty I didn’t dare pair it with any other color, so I went with just this one. This is two coats.

It’s especially pretty when the sun hits it. At first glance this is a creamy polish, but it has the tiniest of silvery blue shine to it which makes it perfect for sunny days.

I’m enjoying these final days of sunshine. Are you?

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