Seven Deadly Sins 3: Avarice

Another week, another episode of the Seven Deadly Sins Challenge. This week it’s time to delve into avarice, also known as greed. So the question is: Which 7 worldy material desires would I like to have? Read on to find out!


1.) My own place

I’ve been sharing my living space with other people ever since I left for college. I’ve been wanting to get my own place for a while now, but everything is really expensive where I live and at the same time I don’t really feel like moving. The only advantage I would have if I move now, is that I won’t have to share my kitchen and bathroom. The places I can afford/ that are offered to me, are all too small. That’s why I’ve decided to stay where I am just a few more years, pay off some of my student loan so I can afford a bigger/ more central place and then I’ll be ready to move house.

2.) A new laptop

The one I have at home is literally falling apart: I’ve lost my backspace key for the second time and the harddrive nearly crashed the other day. Problem is that I don’t want to spend money on a new one until next year. I’ve got a nice amount of money piled on my saving’s account, but I want to wait till the end of the year so I get as much interest as possible. So it will have to stay put for a little while longer!

3.) A new camera

My current one is not broken but it’s nearly 4 years old and only 8 megapixels. The zoom is terrible, I think the pictures look grainy and it only takes 10 minute videos. I would love to delve into making more clips for this blog, but I just don’t feel like I have the right equipment for it. I am not much of a photographer at all and only take pictures while on vacation, so that’s why I don’t feel like I need this pronto, but I think it would definitely spice up this blog a bit.

4.) A bigger TV

This is completely unnecessary: a bigger TV simply wouldn’t fit, but once I get my own place, I’d love to buy myself a nice big flatscreen TV. Maybe it would boost my TV and movie intake!

5.) A Louis Vuitton Speedy

I own a knock off version of this bag, and I have another bag with a similar shape and I just love it. It’s hands down my favorite bag ever! So, one day when I have my own place and I have paid off my loan I will treat myself to a LV Speedy. Maybe.

6.) A pair of Christian Louboutins

Loving shoes the way I do, I would have to list these. I love Christian Louboutins. I think they look classy and elegant, however I fear that even if I were to buy a pair that they wouldn’t fit. They look like they are made for slim, narrow feet. And mine are anything but. I have wide feet with a high arch, so I highly doubt I’d fit into a pair. They still make a nice wish list though.

7.) A new stereo/ hifi system

I’d love to own a decent hifi system. I’ve had my stereo for almost 11 years now and it has a hard time playing CDs, but other than that it’s still fine. It still works, but you just have to know how to handle it to make it play anything. Also, I don’t think that putting bigger speakers in my current house would be a good idea. I just need an update, but I’ve been looking around and I don’t like any of the stuff that’s out there. It’s either too expensive or it’s not what I’m looking for. Very frustrating.

With the amount of money I spend on new clothes, shoes, make up, CDs etc. I’d have thought it would be easier to come up with material desires, but I actually don’t have that many. I don’t strive for owning material objects: it’s not my goal in life to obtain expensive items, such as phones, cars or w/e. I just buy things as they come up, so things have to break for me to buy something new such as a TV or a camera.

I don’t live my life thinking: I want more of this or more of that. I just buy things as I see them. That’s the reason for the amount of shoes and clothes that I have: I buy it because I can, and since they are not super expensive items I just buy them because I don’t feel the need to save up for them. I have never bought super expensive items and I don’t think I ever will. I am just too afraid to wear it: lest they break, tear, rip w/e.

I remember buying a pair of jeans that cost me 120 guilders. I was 15 or 16 at the time and that was about a months worth of income for me. But I fell in love with them and so decided to buy them. I hardly wore them and was sad to see them go years later as they didn’t fit me anymore. Result: I was the proud owner of a (to me) expensive pair of jeans, which I refused to wear, because I was afraid I would rip them.

Q: What expensive items are on your wish list?

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