Mini update: nail polish collection

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I acquired some new nail polishes over the past few months and therefore I thought it would be appropriate to show you which ones I’ve bought. These are only my recent purchases. I got a few other ones, not featured in my earlier posts on my nail polish collection, but I don’t remember exactly when I got them. I will post an update on that later.

Swatches of the polishes:

  1. Blaze to Pink (this turns bright pink in direct sunlight)
  2. Koh Seaweed
  3. Hérôme WIC Zagora
  4. Etos Effect Nails Red
  5. Etos Effect Nails Pink
  6. Catrice I’m a Star
  7. Catrice I Wear My Sunglasses at Night
  8. Catrice Be Indiglow
  9. Catrice Looking Sunkissed
  10. Essence Red-y to Go
  11. Essence Time for Romance
  12. Essence In Style
  13. Essence Choose Me
  14. Essence Nail Art Twins Bella
  15. Essence Nail Art Twins Edward
  16. Essence Nail Art Twins Troy
  17. Essence Nail Art Special Effects It’s Purpelicious
  18. Essence Nail Art Special Effects It’s Circus Confetti

Catrice Looking Sunkissed, Catrice Be Indiglow, Catrice I Wear My Sunglasses at Night, Catrice I’m a Star

Essence Nail Art Twins Bella, Essence Nail Art Twins Edward, Essence Nail Art Twins Troy, Essence Nail Art Special Effects It’s Circus Confetti, Essence Nail Art Special Effects It’s Purpelicious

Essence Choose Me, Essence In Style, Essence Time for Romance, Essence Red-y to Go

Blaze to Pink, Etos Effect Nails Pink, Etos Effect Nails Red, Hérôme WIC Zagora

Koh Seaweed

I’m totally adoring these colors. As you can tell I’m loving chunky glitters right now. I will update some of my other purchases from the past few months when I have time to figure out which ones are still missing. Till then stay tuned!

Q: Which ones are your favorites?






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  1. AWO Avatar

    En toch hè… zie ik nog altijd dat meisje in verschoten tuinbroek op kistjes met stekeltjes voor me… 😛

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Die foto moet je eens inscannen. Kan ik em hier op zetten 😉

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