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First of all, just in case you were wondering whether I’m actually posting a blog on the weather: I am. After a few lovely days where summer seemed to finally have decided to show up, it is now full blown autumn here. The wind is stormy, the air is grey and rain has been pounding down on more than one occasion. I like rain, not when I get all soaked to the bone, but rain can also be a good thing. Here’s why.

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In the first place I like rain because it instantly relieves my hayfever symptoms. I now know why summer was not bad considering my hayfever: it was simply too dreary to have any effect. But last week, when summer visited us for a brief spell, my symptoms came back about as bad as they had been in May. Rain immediately undoes this: the moisture makes my eyes less watery, my nose less itchy and I instantly notice I have less trouble breathing. Trust me, finally being able to breathe properly again is a god’s sent.

Rain is also great when you’re indoors. I’m not too happy with rain when I’m riding my bike through it, but when I’m indoors: I love it. I love watching the patterns the rain drops make on the windows (especially when on a moving train). I also love hearing the rain pounding against my window when I’m about to go to bed. I don’t know why, but I find that very soothing. I sleep quicker and much better than without the rain.

My ultimate love for rain then also comes from this. My favorite part about autumn is when it’s dreary, rainy and windy outside and I get to sleep in on a Sunday morning. I love just lying in bed listening to the noise it makes, knowing I don’t have to go anywhere that day. It’s my ideal Sunday: dark, rainy weather, sleeping in, just listening to music while sipping tea. It doesn’t get any better.

Not only is rain one of my best aids in relaxing, the season it comes with also calls for just that. It tells me that it’s okay again to lock myself indoors with a cup of hot cocoa while watching a movie, huddled up in a blanket on a couch. I’m not much of an outdoorsy person . I’d much rather spend time inside, then going outside any time of day. It has never attracted me. And right now, I don’t even need an excuse to do just that which I love best: sleep, drink tea and be lazy.

Q: Do you like rain?

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