Seven Deadly Sins 4: Sloth

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For two days I didn’t post. Last week was so busy and hectic that I needed a bit of a blog break. But I’m back! This is part 4 of my seven deadly sins challenge featuring sloth. This is probably the sin most apt to me. I can be such a lazy git and am a master at procrastination. Besides that there are a ton of things I simply refuse to do. Below you find 7 things I neglect to do.


1.) Household tasks I hate

This includes ironing, drying dishes and making my bed. I simply don’t do those things. My bed is simply pulled back after I get up and my dishes can dry themselves if left out long enough. Ironing can easily be made redundant by ignoring wrinkly cloths and folding your clothes in such a way that few wrinkles will develop.

2.) Pluck my eyebrows

My eyebrows sometimes really seem to have a life of their own. They’re bushy, all over the place and grow back before you know it. I try to keep track of it and shape them regularly, but I always forget about it or I don’t have the time. Before you know it I have gone without grooming my brows for a month and then it’s such a hassle to get everything back in shape that I dread it even more.

3.) Wash my face

Hold your horses people, I do CLEAN my face. I just don’t wash it. I hate the feeling of water on my face when the rest of my body isn’t getting wet as well. Plus it makes my skin feel super dry. That’s why I just use cleansers and tonics to clean my skin before going to bed. Just water or water incl a face wash has never worked for me. I don’t think it ever will.

4.) Take out paper to be recycled

You should see the stack of used pizza boxes, opened envelopes and paper snippets that has gathered in my hall way. It’s humongous. And it’s not like I don’t have enough opportunities to take it out: they pick it up once a week where I live. I just ALWAYS forget. Unlike trash, paper won’t give off a nasty smell when kept out for too long ans so it’s just sitting there. The mount is growing steadily, but (if I don’t forget) I might take it out later this month.

5.) Dust my house

My place is usually covered in a pretty thick layer of dust. Not because I don’t clean, or don’t want to clean. I do, but because dusting makes my lungs go crazy with coughing and nastiness. It’s when my asthma is worse than any other time. And so I just don’t do it (except for 3 -4 times a year), because I honestly can’t tell the difference when the dust is gone vs. when the dust is there. Usually, when the dust is gone (meaning I’ve cleaned it up) I feel crappier because my lungs need some time to recover after breathing in all that gunk.

6.) Contact people

I’m one of those people who waits for people to contact me, rather then phoning them myself. I don’t know why, but I’ve always done this. I wouldn’t go play outside unless one of my friends came and asked me. I only write emails in reply to other people’s emails and I’m never the first person to give out my phone number. It’s just against my nature I think.

7.) Not eat candy

I’ve talked about my sweet tooth before and well if there is one thing I can’t do it’s to stay away from all things sweet. Chocolate being a favorite, it is especially unhelpful this time of year when all shops are carrying chocolate letters again for Sinterklaas. Easter is also hell (easter eggs) and summer is equally unhelpful because chocolate ice cream is the best ice cream flavor in the universe.

Q: What do you neglect to do?

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  1. AWO Avatar

    About dusting the house… Don’t overdo it, because it should be ‘healthy enough to live in and dirty enough to be happy in’.

  2. indiequeen84 Avatar

    ^^ Ah nice motto. I should keep that in mind!

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