Exam time!

Yup! Today’s the day!!! The day of my exam. I’m feeling pretty confident. I’ve got most ideas/ concepts/ terminology crammed in my head already and I still have some time left for studying.

The exam isn’t until 15.00 and it’s almost 9.30 AM now. I still have roughly 2 hours on the train and then I will be at uni around 1 PM leaving me some time to go over things one more time and also to account for any train delays.

I really really hope I make it. Due to my being sick the past week I didn’t have as much time to study as I’d liked. The summary I had planned to have finished on Thursday ended up being done during the weekend and I only finished reading all of the articles on Saturday! How’s that for last minute huh?

The good part is that by now, I’ve heard all the information once before, because I went to all of the lectures and took great notes.. I’ve read everything before, because I read all the articles. I wrote everything down as I summarized all the articles (17 in total!). I read and reread all of my notes + summaries + PPT slides yesterday. So right now it’s just a matter of going over it one last time and then I should be all set.

Despite all that, I do think it would be nice if you guys wished me luck… I might still need it in the end!

(More elaborate posts will be coming up later in the week: I have a concert on Wednesday and if that is interesting enough I will write a review on that, I will show you another part of my make up collection and I have a nice article planned on stress and how to deal with it.)

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    • Gelukkig heb ik er maar 1tje! Jij?

      @ Everyone else: thanks for the support! I think I did well in the end, let’s hope my gut feeling is right and I did indeed pass!

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