And then you realize you’re over it…

Over what?, you might ask. Over Backstreet Boys that is. I already wrote a post about my dwindling fandom almost a year ago, but just the other night I realized just how over everything Backstreet I am.

This week, the European tour dates for the NKOTBSB tour starting in 2012 were announced. My entire Twitter timeline went crazy, as there are quite a few BSB fans who I’m following, and everyone was discussing where to go, for which dates they would buy VIP and which VIP packages were to be bought. Friends messaged me asking me if I would join them for a date, and I messaged friends about whether we should go. To top things off I became submerged into everyone’s stress, as the fanclub was unclear about the presale ticket dates.

Welcome, to the wonderful world of Backstreet. And you know what?! It didn’t even phase me. I didn’t even care, and I still don’t. I’m not moved by it, I don’t feel the urge to look up videos, to listen to songs nor did I stress out over the incapability of the fanclub to do its job properly. Yesterday, I visited the official bsb website for the first time in over 1.5 years and it’s still the same as ever. It’s like nothing has even changed one bit, which automatically means that it’s probably still as shitty as it was when I still frequented the place.

In my previous post I wrote that there will always be a part of me that is still a Backstreet Boys fan, and I guess there still is some of it left. But this time round, I don’t even want to go to the show. The main reason being that I will not only get to see BSB, but also New Kids on the Block, about whom I really could care less. And the fact that there isn’t just one band, but two on the stage makes for a more expensive ticket. For the price of one NKOTBSB ticket I can also go and see 5 bands at Paradiso who have much more passion for music and performing in general than those pop music veterans.

I think it is therefore safe to conclude that I’m over Backstreet. I will still remember the good times, the fun, the friends and crazy late night chat sessions. I will remember the stress over getting VIP tickets, of making long distance phone calls to arrange things and figuring out which shows to go to without too much clashing with my schedule. I will still remember the music too and maybe, but just maybe when they release an album and a tour just as Backstreet Boys, I may consider buying that and a ticket to their show. But right now, I’m just not feeling it.

Q: Have you ever been into something and then suddenly realized you were over it? If so, what?

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  1. Welcome to the sane club 😉 Same as you, I am over Backstreet… I already was on their last tour, I couldn’t care less about their tour and didn’t see one show. Even though I still like to sometimes listen to one or two of their songs, the whole touring thing is over and done with. Concerts are cool and all, but everything around BSB seems to just stand still. It’s as if all those people get stuck in their teens and are scared or just refuse to grow up. Nothing changed, not even the faces! Same old people, same old drama, same old childish screams and excitement as if they’re a 12 year old going to a Bieber concert. Nah, not for me.

    • Haha yeah that same old same old feel already creeped up on me during the last tour. Problem was, I was totally into backstreet when the tickets went on sale, but by the time I actually heard the record and saw the show I wasn’t even half as excited by it as I was the tour before it. I knew it would only be a matter of time before I’d completely gotten over it.

  2. This too has somewhat changed for me – if none of you guys weren’t coming over, then I wasn’t going to go at all to this tour because in all honesty I’m really no interested in New Kids at all, I would much prefer to see BSB on their own and things are getting hecka expensive here anyway, money isn’t going very far and Gosia I can see any time.
    But I double checked with Gosia and my friend Gemma since they are in the UK and if they wanted to go, I’d consider it. So I am going but only for one show (£50 a ticket!) but yeah I’m not as excited anymore.

    To be perfectly honest I think 90% of the excitement for me was us all getting together and sharing the experience.

    It’s not that I don’t like BSB anymore but I just don’t have time, there are far more important things in life that I need to be doing/following.

    And ugh, 90% of BSB fans drive me crazy as well. As Noelle said, they’re still teenagers somehow. Yes I screamed and all that when I was 14 but sheesh.

    I’m also no longer a member of the fanclub, my friend joined JUST to get tickets (well actually I used her account to get some good seats) but I did have a quick look around – yes it’s still the same, all the teenage clicks and bitching and blah blah blah.
    It was annoying that the server went down but to be honest, didn’t bother me much at all. If good tickets are gone, they’re gone – I just wouldn’t go.

    So I guess I’m not quite where your at but I’m not far off!

  3. Ha, ha, ha… keep up the good work 🙂
    Btw: till when do they sell those tickets? If you haven’t bought a ticket until this tour is really over, then, and only then, I may be prepared to consider believing you’re over that unspeakable idiot crush you have/had on this ‘überbad’ bunch of nutcases. 😉
    And did you really believe I would accept a lead singer of a band called ‘The dead weather’ as an alternative? You really do make me laugh… 😀

    • I don’t really like The Dead Weather, but I take it you Googled The Kills ;-). The female half of that band is also part of The Dead Weather together with Jack White from the White Stripes. And I like what I like. Remember, it was me who gave you that Christina Aguilera cd….

  4. Yeah, I agree about wanting to see just Backstreet and no one else. When I went to the NKOTBSB concert back in July, I was hating that I had to watch 2 bands and one other act onstage with them. That, on top of the fact that it was a venue that seats about 20,000 people instead of the 2,000-3,000 capacity venue that they normally play in my city, which is a lot more intimate, so you can see them up close. I hope they don’t do stadiums when they start touring for their 20th anniversary.

    Well, glad I never joined the fan club, then. My fandom comes in waves anyway. I’m currently on BSB hiatus until at least 2012…

    • Oh, to answer your question, yes, I have been into something and then suddenly realized I was over it. Namely certain friends, as well as guys I knew and dated. Oh, and I guess I could also count certain TV shows that used to be good and then faded into crappy and/or cliche storylines (Heroes is a great example of this)…

  5. Like ninaleecherryambition, my fandom comes in waves. If it can still be called a fandom at all. At this time there’s other artists I like better. This wavy thing goes for most things I like (johnny depp movies, power rangers, vampires) Still, I bought a ticket, only one this time around and I prolly won’t be at the venue before 6/7 (and I am not even sure if I can make that time with 32 hrs of internship by that time+work)
    Then again, I’m going to Jason Derulo and Nightwish and those tickets weren’t really cheap either! For Jason’s concert my niece and I will actually go to Brussels! (cause it’s in the weekend and that is probably easier to schedule for me) so, some kind of touring after all 😛 Just no bsb touring. I still think you should go though, just to see me 😛

    And u never know, maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised?

    • Hahaha if I buy a ticket it’s indeed to see all of you guys rather than those boys on stage. But you know what? We should just have a meet up again some time soon. That would sort that out!

  6. Hey Maaike! Do you remember me? Kine who used to frequent the NLY forum… My youtube account has been following yours I think for years now, but it was first now that I saw you had a shopping haul video out that I clicked in to watch. Nice video, btw, and you got some nice stuff 🙂

    Of course after that I had to check out your blog, and this post just really mirrors my exact reaction when I got the mail from the fanclub stating the European dates… I looked down the list, I saw Norway… Aaand I was like; okay. After that I had to check out the fanclub again – I wasn’t even sure I still had a membership there, couldn’t remember if I had renewed it or not – and like you wrote NOTHING has changed. Sure there’s the cruise coming up, and they’ve got stuff happening for them… but also like you wrote, I couldn’t care less about NKOTB either. I think if it had been a pure Backstreet concert I would’ve gone (I’m still that much of a fan – *cheesy grin*) but I’m so over the NKOTBSB ordeal… It’s actually boring. I rarely listen to BSB anymore, but I always end up going back to them to listen to a song or two every once in a while, so I guess in that sense I’m still a fan. And I liked Nick’s “I’m Taking Off”, so that one’s on my iPod… But yeah, I’m not feeling the enthusiasm for NKOTBSB.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hey! It’s been soooo fricking long – What, like 5 years or something?
    Hope you’re doing well! Kine

    • OMG!! Kine!!! I remember you! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH This is soooo cool! Thanks for checking out my blog! And yeah, pretty much all of the old NLY crew feel like this it seems, so join the club 😉 How have you been? What are you up to? Drop me a line, here or on youtube. I also have Twitter and Facebook, just check out my links section and you’ll find it!

      • I’ve been good! Gosh, it’s been a long time, huh?! I’m at the University of Oslo, in the second year of my bachelor’s degree. I still don’t know (at 23) what I want to be “when I grow up” – so I’m just going with what interests me right now, which is political science and north american area studies and hoping I will get to use that for something someday…! Anyway, yeah… What are you up to? Where do you live now, in the Netherlands? It’s soo soo cool that I found you again! I always get mails from youtube, you know, titled something like “your own personal youtube digest” – but I ALWAYS just delete them without even opening them – but today, for once, I just opened it without thinking twice and there you were! Gosh, I feel like I can just ramble on for hours, even though I’ve never met you. Weird how all of us hanging out at NLY created a kind of bond. You guys more than me, I guess, cause I’ve never met any of you, but you and a lot of the others have met each other, right? Wow. Sometimes I miss NLY. It just pops into my head for no reason at random intervals. :p

      • There are plenty of NLY-ers who I never met who still feel like family. And indeed it’s been ages! Gah! NLY still pops into everyone’s head from time to time. Those were the days. As for me, I graduated in 2008, started teaching and am currently working at a college as an English teacher. I went back to uni last year and am now taking courses in communication. I still live in good ole Holland, still hoping that one day I can move out of this country for at least some time. However, first I have to finish my studies! And then hopefully I can make it to some other place through my career! Just added you on Facebook!

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