My Perfect Sunday

Today is the last day of my vacation and so it’s the final day of doing absolutely nothing. Well, nothing, I will be attending a b-day later today, so in that sense today is NOT the perfect Sunday. My perfect Sunday usually entails doing nothing in particular. It’s my self-pronounced lazy day and I make the most of it whenever I can. Here is what my perfect Sunday looks like.

1. Sleep in

I think I’ve mentioned my love for sleeping before. That is why the number one activity on my perfect Sunday involves lots of it. On Sundays I won’t get up before 11 AM, and usually that becomes well past noon.

2. Big breakfast

Since I have plenty of time to make breakfast that is what I’ll do. I’ll make a cooked breakfast involving things like omelets, french toast, fresh bake off bread, croissants, freshly squeezed juice and the like. Not all in one go though!

3. Listen to music

This activity isn’t limited to just Sundays. I listen to music every day, but Sunday tends to be the day on which I listen to new things, go looking for new music and aimlessly skip through my playlist.

4. Watch movies & TV series

Preferably with some freshly brewed tea and some snacks to accompany me, I will lounge on my couch on Sunday afternoons watching my fave TV series or I’ll watch a movie that I haven’t seen before.

5. PJ-day

On Sundays I usually refuse to get dressed unless I have to. It PJ-day! The perfect way of expressing your laziness to me is to just lounge around in my comfy PJ pants paired with a baggy sweater and oversize warm fuzzy socks.

6. The Cow on Sunday

My one reason to get dressed (but sometimes I don’t even bother) is when I go to the Cow. The what? The Cow, or Café De Bonte Koe, is my favorite hang out in Leiden. I meet up with some friends and we catch up with each other while having a few beers. I usually go home rather early, since Monday is another work day.

That’s it! My perfect Sunday. Occasionally I will check my work e-mail on Sunday to catch up before Monday morning and make it less busy, or I’ll have a few chores to do like washing dishes and a bit of cleaning. However, I try to get those things done on Saturday.

Q: What does your perfect Sunday look like?


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