Remember, remember… Here is my month of November

Vacation is officially over! By now I’ve already been back at work and uni since yesterday and apart from new uni courses, a pile of grading, resits and getting back to teaching later this month, I also have a bunch of fun things coming up. Read on to find out what my month will roughly look like.

Like I said above, the second half of the fall semester has started at uni. I have enrolled myself in only one course, just like last time and this time it’s Online Marketing that I will be taking. It seems like an interesting course and one benefit is that the teachers have put everything available through the Internet. Even the books provided are available as free digital downloads. How cool is that?

Work is starting back up too, but before I get to do some teaching again there is first a pile of grading to be done. As of yesterday, resits and exams have started for my students which means: no schedule to work with, but lots of other things to do. Luckily it’s times like these that I can often put in a few days from home, so nothing too crazy just yet! Teaching starts back up 2 weeks from now and I’m very curious as to what my schedule will look like.

Apart from that, I will have one very specific work related thing coming up this month. On Saturday the 12th of November the school I work at will have its open day. Since the start of this school year I’m involved with the Communication Centre at work and my main responsibility is said open day. We still have plenty to do before the big day, but things look very promising. I am going to be there the day off, just to be on hand to help out wherever necessary. It’s exciting yet a bit scary at the same time. Fingers crossed it works out.

I’m also attending some concerts again. On the 14th I’ll be seeing Elbow with my mom and on the 25th I’ll be going to The Kills. I’m very curious to see what these concerts will bring. I’ve heard both bands are amazing live acts, so I’m really looking forward to both. In other music related news, I will also be attending a pop music quiz some time this month. I’ve never been to one, so here’s to hoping I know enough to help out my team mates.

When I was writing all of this down, I couldn’t help but think that November will fly by and December will be knocking at my door before I know it. So here’s to hopefully an engaging uni course, a not so busy teaching schedule and lots of good times.

Q: What are you up to this month?

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