My alternative Breaking Dawn soundtrack

Am I the only person who isn’t liking the tracklist for this soundtrack? For some reason I couldn’t get excited when I first read about the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack. That is why I’ve decided to make my own. One thing I loved about all the Twilight movies in the past is the great range of music picked for their soundtracks. However, when I first saw this soundtrack I felt bummed. Let’s have a look at the original tracklist shall we?

Now let me say one thing first: I haven’t listened to any of the songs on here, so I won’t judge the quality of the songs. However, just by looking at this list I was not amused. The only song that stood out for me from the beginning is the one by Angus & Julia Stone. The rest does not get my heart beat racing like the one for New Moon or Eclipse. I’m secretly hoping that the bonus tracks will make for some interesting tunes.

My main problem with this soundtrack is the fact that this is definitely more main stream than the ones before. Also, one other main downside is that Muse is missing. They were on every soundtrack up until this one and it’s a pity they’re not there for whatever reason. Another problem I have with this soundtrack is the fact that Iron & Wine is on this soundtrack with a new version of a song that was already in the first movie.

All in all, I just find this soundtrack very uninspiring and unoriginal.That is why I decided to come up with my own Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack.

  1. The Kills – Black Balloon (or any other song by this amazingly dark and gloomy band)
  2. Pete & the Pirates – Blood Gets Thin
  3. Peter Broderick – Pulling the Rain
  4. Stars – Dead Hearts
  5. Something Corporate – Konstanine
  6. Debussy – Claire de Lune (If we’re revisiting ANYTHING from the first movie, let’s make it a real classic!)
  7. Bagheera – Horizons Lined with Scars (That title is so apt!)
  8. The Unthanks – No One Knows I’m /gone
  9. Volcano Choir – Sleepymouth
  10. Piresian Beach – Wasting Away

There you have it my 10 songs that I would like to see on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack instead of some of the songs on there right now. What are your thoughts on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack? Would you want to replace any songs?

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