If the shoe fits…

You buy them all. Well, not really, but when I saw these two pairs of shoes I just had to have them!

First of all I bought this pair of nude heels. I had been looking for a pair of not too high, not too low, nude colored pair of heels. Boy, was that a feat. Most nude heels are insanely high and even though I can walk in them, I cannot possibly wear those to work as they scream ‘stripper’ over ‘teacher’. Other pairs I saw were too dark, or too pink, or whatever it was. All I knew was that when I found these they had enough height, yet aren’t super high, and the color is a perfect match to my pale feet. And at only 20 euros, how could I possibly pass up on them? Especially because I saw a pair of nude heels for twice the price, which were nice, but uncomfortable AND too stripper-esque.

Excuse the use of flash on these ones, but lighting wise it really wasn’t working out otherwise. Anywho, I also had a pair of black booties on my wish list. I have a pair, but they have a wedge heel and are in that brogue style. Cute, but not something I want to wear continuously, so I wanted a pair with an actual heel, that aren’t brogues. Something something classy, not trashy. Something clean and simple with a zipper, but not laces. And of course, the ‘on trend’ style right now are brogue style heels or heels with laces with a bunch of faux fur. Grrrrr. But lo & behold: I found these lovelies which fit the bill just right.

If you’re in Holland: I bought both pairs at Van Haren for respectively 20 and 25 euros per pair.

Q: Would you wear these kind of shoes?

12 responses to “If the shoe fits…”

  1. Oehh die zwarte enkellaarsjes zijn wel erg cute! Vind dat je benen daar altijd zo mooi in uitkomen dus ik wil eigenlijk ook een paar, maar nog niet helemaal gevonden wat ik zoek 😉

    Maarrrr, vrijdag als ik loon heb shoppen dus misschien vind ik dan wel wat 😉

  2. ja leuk! 😉 een verzameling kan bijna niet compleet zijn. ik denk wel dat die pumps jou erg goed staan

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