I wish this week was different…

Today has gotten off on the wrong foot. After what I would call a very enjoyable weekend, today has taken a turn for the worse. As I got into work today it was announced that one of our colleagues passed away this morning. The worst part: I talked to him on Friday and he seemed just fine.

This entire experience has put a muted and subdued atmosphere over everyone at work and it feels weird to sit here knowing no one will ever see him walking down the hall way again. I didn’t know him very well but I talked to him from time to time.

What makes this even more surreal for me is the fact that he was only a few years younger than my parents and only a few weeks ago, one of my friends lost her father (also roughly my parents age). These sort of events just make me wonder: what if? What if this happens to my parents? I just feel that only this much has to happen before something like this could happen to my family.

I know: it’s what happens. It’s part of life, but still: these things can happen so quickly and unexpected that it makes me want to cherish every moment I get. Especially after having such a fantastic day out with my family yesterday. Today is December 5th, which is when we celebrate Sinterklaas in the Netherlands. As part of the festivities my mother had decided on a surprise visit to our favorite amusement park and we had tons of fun yesterday. And now this…

I don’t know how many blogs will come up this week, I will try to keep the schedule going. Naturally, I’m in shock (just like everyone else here) and I don’t know what this week will be like just yet…

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  1. Hmmm… I know the feeling. Just hang in there girl. In the seven years at my current employer I’ve seen four collegues pass away. All sixtiesh… indeed the age of our parents (mine are 59 (mum) en 64).
    Especially the ones you could get along with linger around in your mind, some them I still think of every now and then. The sadness goes, the memories don’t. Cherish them…


  2. I know, but this colleague was only 47 and died of a sudden stroke. I can’t get myself to delete the email with the announcement from my inbox. 🙁 And I didn’t even know him that well.

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