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As you could have read on Monday, this week has been a weird week. Not only have a I been super busy but I also had a few personal things to deal with. First of all, one of my colleagues suddenly passed away Monday morning, but on top of that I received a call that my grandfather was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday. Grandpa is fine again, he just has some clogged up arteries, but to say this week has been a good one, no not really.

Not only did I receive bad news, but today I will be attending my colleague’s funeral and I have been and will be busy. I am currently redoing a course for the first year’s students which is a lot of work as it requires a lot of reworking old materials as well as making new stuff.

On top of that I’ve been busy with uni stuff as well. A little over a week I have an exam for my Online Marketing course and I still have to read all of the marketing theory that is on the programme and summarize it. Moreover, I’m also still working on my article on emoticons so that takes up an entire day’s work. I need to have a first draft ready on the same day as my exam. Luckily I have most of the work done for that and all I have to do is write.

Anywho, I am going to be so glad in 1,5 weeks time. It means my exam is over, my first draft is handed in, work is over, my grandad will have received treatment and hopefully life at work will be at least somewhat back to normal. Also: it’s the start of my Christmas break and I couldn’t be more ready for that.

I will try to pick up the blogging as usual starting Monday, but like I said, I still have quite a few things to do, so I may have to put it on the back burner for a bit. At least until my exam is over. In the mean time I do have something to look forward to: on Wednesday I’ll have a meeting with my boss and that’s when I will (hopefully) know whether I can stay at this job, get a permanent contract AND whether I will become the English team leader. So fingers crossed for that!

How have you been doing?

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