2011 Christmas Break Plans

Yesterday was the unofficial start of my two week Christmas break and as you could see then I already made good use of my free time. I went to the hairdresser’s but also visited some friends. But that’s not all. I have plenty more plans for spending these next two weeks and using them to the fullest to relax and enjoy myself.

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My first task today is to give my house a good clean again. Not only will I clean my house, but I’m also going to get rid of some unnecessary junk that is just taking up space and I’m also going to rearrange some of my storage. The plan is to buy some big plastic containers to store some of my stuff that is now in hideous cardboard moving boxes. Not only are they ugly but they are also not very sturdy or mouse proof. Since one of those boxes contains some of my childhood memories, I think it’d be safer to store it in plastic containers.

I will spend both Christmas Day and Boxing Day at my parents’ place. Christmas Eve will most likely be spend in front of the TV. On Christmas Day we’re just having our traditional Christmas dinner with my family and on Boxing Day I will be visiting my grandparents in the morning and in the afternoon we will go to one of my uncles to have some more food. It’s the same old same old really.

There’s some more dinners featured in the upcoming weeks as well. I will at least be cooking again for New Year’s Eve. Just like last year I will be spending that with friends and me and my friend are going to cook the dinner for that. There may be more cooking involved and if I happen to make something very scrumptious, I will make sure to feature it on here.

Not only will there be more food, but there will also be more friends. And movies, and TV series (last bit of Mad Men & True Blood season 4) and hopefully some reading. My break will also feature at least one major shopping spree as I plan on going to Antwerp with my best friend and I’m also hoping to record some videos for this blog. Vacations really are the only times I can make those properly. So let me know if you have a specific video in mind and I will see what I can do for you.

As you can tell, nothing too different going on as I just plan on relaxing and recharging for the second part of the school year. And I will be needing that as I have just been made the new team leader of the English team at work! So as of Jan. 1st I will be busy with getting acquainted to my new task and that will surely make me even busier than I already am. But since it will be great for my personal development I just couldn’t pass up on the opportunity.

Q: What will you be doing for Christmas?

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  1. Eating a lot, watching The Snowman definitely it’s my tradition.

    I always get up at 6am, if I’m tired I go back to bed before lunch and take a nap. But my sister, brother and nieces usually visit about 8-9am.

    This year we’re having lunch at my sister’s (pretty sure you know the english lunch menu right?), so we’ll be going there I guess about 12 midday, have lunch and lounge around – have some nibbles for tea/dinner there in the evening then home.

    Boxing Day (day after Christmas – 26th), is pretty lazy until about 4-5pm when we have the family around for a buffet dinner (sandwiches, nuts, cake, crisps, salad, etc), chat, maybe play cards or a game of some sort.

    I don’t usually do anything for New Year to be honest, because to go out is expensive (everywhere requires a ticket), and people tend to get REALLY drunk which I don’t like. So either I watch movies, or read. Maybe watch the countdown on TV. I may have a friend over this year because for some reason she always cries at New Year, but that won’t make my evening much different.

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