My Backstreet Boys Collection

When you’re a fan of a group for nearly 15 years you tend to accumulate quite a bit of stuff. This stuff is then dubbed a ‘collection’. I suffered from the same phenomenon and was especially keen on collecting albums and CD singles. And while I was cleaning up my room yesterday, I came across said collection and I thought I would share. Curious to see what 15 odd years of Backstreet Boys fandom can lead to? Then keep on reading.

Scrapbooks, posters (in the bag), picture albums, special edition magazines and books

The scrapbooks hold all the articles I gathered from 1996 – 2004. I stopped collecting posters around 2000. Some of the books (at the top right of the picture) include the picture book by Andre Csillag, the comic book Nick wrote together with Stan Lee and a ‘book’ written by an ex-girlfriend. At the front there’s mainly some special issue magazines and at the bottom left corner you can see the first two scrapbooks I ever made. Mind you I was 12 so Aristocats was definitely appropriate, as was drawing hearts ;-).

Some more books, pictures, video tapes & DVDs and Burger King figurines

BSB had their own Burger King figurines that you could collect (including CD singles and a video tape). Those are at the bottom. The rest is mainly video tapes (it’s a 90s band!) and DVDs. Some special things in here are the UK edition of the very first official BSB video tape, a special reissue of Backstreet’s Back Behind the Scenes (in the blue box) and my own recordings of some of their concerts during the Unbreakable and This is Us era.

Random stuff: t-shirts, tour books, calendars, cassette tapes, diaries, post cards, a can of Pepsi, VIP lanyards, wristbands and key chains.

When it comes to stuff I was never much interested in that. I only really tried to hunt down the tour books and I know there is one more, but that one is extremely rare as it’s from their very first European tour. I have all the other ones, including both the European and US version of the Millennium tour book. As you can see I also have cassette tapes. They’re not just any old cassette tapes: they’re all BSB albums from the first album till Unbreakable. In Asia albums are still released on cassette and so I found these floating around on Ebay.

If you would like to see some more close up pictures of all of the above you can click here. I took some pictures of my collection when I was still frequenting BSB forums. As far as I know this is pretty much up to date.


As you can see I have multiple editions of each CD they released. I lost interest during This is Us so I only have one of those and I don’t have Nick or AJ’s latest solo albums, but up until Unbreakable this is pretty much complete. Including weird Taiwanese editions and illegal Chinese bootlegs, to my knowledge these are all of the different issues of every BSB album ever made. I have the Italian and Spanish language versions of the very first album as well as an Australian version. I have the karaoke version (incl. DVD!) of Chapter One – Greatest Hits and a version of Black and Blue that actually comes in a blue case.

I took some close up shots of these when I was still busy collecting. So if you’re interested you can click the following links to view which editions I have.

Solo stuff (Nick & Brian)

Backstreet Boys

Backstreet’s Back


Black & Blue

Chapter One – Greatest Hits

Never Gone


CD Singles

Again, as you can see I have quite a few of them. These are only the European and US editions though. I never bothered to collect the Japanese or Latin American versions. That would make this amount double instantly. Just like with the CDs, this is pretty much all I know exists and features some rare editions. Nick Carter’s solo single for I Got You is infamous for being hard to find and the same goes for the translucent edition of Anywhere for You and the hologram version of We’ve Got it Going On.

If you would like to have a closer view of all the different editions than click here.

As you can see, there’s quite a bit of stuff here and quite some money was spent on it too. If you’re wondering whether I regret buying all of this: no I don’t. This was something I used to like and so I liked spending money on it. Right now I really can’t be bothered anymore, but I’m also not ready to get rid of it either. I have all of it packed away safely in a box (apart from the CDs and CD singles) which is where it will stay till the end of days. So, if you saw any items on here that you are interested in, then I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you: I’m not selling. BSB was too important a part of my life to just give up like that.

Q: What do you think? Does anyone else have a similar collection of something they used to be passionate about and are keeping it for old time’s sake? Or maybe you have a massive collection of something that you are passionate about right now? Let me know in a comment below!

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  1. Damn. You have waaaaaaay more stuff than I ever had! I had a folder at most with articles saved and whatnot. Threw it out for some reason… but everything is online anyway. The BSB stuff I enjoy the most are pictures, videos and of course songs/audios of them, all over the past 18-19 years.

    • All I could afford.when I was a teenager were magazines. So I would buy those religiously every week. But I was only allowed to buy one per week until I got a proper.job.

  2. I’m not sure I even dare get mine all out. I have DVD’s, videos, CDs, posters, articles, keyrings, badges, stickers, small clippings from magazines, etc.

  3. Jeeemig!!
    Ik heb alleen nog alle albums (behalve de nieuweste van Nick en Howie, die van AJ heb ik wel)
    En de dvd’s die ik van jou had en nog 2 of 3 andere (waarvan around the world origineel en de rest ook gewoon (over)gebrand)
    Heb ook nog wel 1 of 2 video banden liggen & het computerspel (moving puzzle) maar die wil ik weggeven (weggooien vind ik zonde) alleen geen idee wie dat nog interesseert 😉

    En verder is alles al weggegeven en/of verkocht! (vooral weggegeven ;))
    Maar ook nooit zoveel gehad als ik op jou foto’s zie, albums altijd maar 1 versie van gehad en artikelen etc. kwamen voornamelijk uit de break out of hitkrant (ruilde altijd met een vriendin, die kreeg alle leonardo dicaprio dingen uit de BO en ik kreeg dan bsb dingen uit de hitkrant) Maar dat was alles bij elkaar denk ik hooguit een klein doosje (schoenendoos ofzo) vol.

  4. hai..
    your collections are amazing..
    wish i can afford that.. 😀

    by the name is Dhe..i’m their loyal fan too..^___________^

  5. Are you still a fan of the guys? Do you know they are on tour with the New Kids On The Block? Also did you know that Kevin has rejoined the group officially and that Aj is going to be a dad?

    • I knew all of that yeah. I also wrote a post the day after the NKOTBSB concert here in Holland. I know because many people I follow on Twitter or have befriended on Facebook did go and know all the ins and outs. Am I a fan? Yes and No. A part of me will always be a fan, but of the BSB I met in 2008, not the group as it is right now.

  6. Well I hope you continue to be a fan because they need our support and love, so don’t give up on them lol. They work so hard for us sometimes. Also could you tell me more of what you mean by “not the group as it is right”? (To me I think they are the same)

    • I don’t like the fact that Kevin is coming back. My experiences during the 2008 tour were amazing. By the time I saw them again in 2009 I felt like they were still doing the same old same old and I got bored with it. I didn’t like the album. That whole pop/ R&B thing they were trying to do with This is Us was not for me. I haven’t felt excited for anything Backstreet related since 2009 and it’s only become less and less. I will surely give their new album a listen when it’s here. If that’s impressive I will surely revert to being an avid fan, but as of right now they haven’t done anything to convince me that they still have to potential to blow me away musically. I just don’t think they will be able to top Unbreakable and Millennium any time soon.

      • Oh ok. I guess everyone has a certain taste and feel when it comes to their music. For me, I’m happy Kevin is coming back. I mean I was ok when he was gone, but I’m glad he is back. Also for me it was “This Is Us” that spark my interest back into them, because I hadn’t really care for the last 2 albums really. I thought they were getting back to what they were known for, like on their very first album. I felt like it was them. I would also have to say, I don’t feel like they are doing the same ole same ole. I feel like each album is different and unique. Well I really hope you really get back into them one day.

      • Maybe not the music is same ole same ole, but after 7 years of hearing them make the same jokes, do the same moves, etc. I don’t know, it just got old. Plus I managed to get everything I ever dreamed off: their autographs, a picture with them, front row at multiple concerts and I got to ask them questions. I hated This is Us apart from Undone. That’s the only song on that album I actually listen to still. That is Backstreet at their finest. The rest of the album are chartfilling wannabe songs that are just a repetition of what everyone is already doing. Those guys should start realizing that it’s not 1999 anymore and do what they are good at, which is sing.

  7. (Sorry for the late reply)

    Well, I don’t feel like it’s been that way. Usually I said if they give the same answers out it’s usually because people ask the same questions. As far as moves, I don’t know, I don’t really see any repetition, to me they change it up with each tour. Also like I said, I love the “This Is Us” album, if it wasn’t for that album I don’t know if I would have been as into to them as before. A lot of people feel like this album is some of their best work in a long time. Now of course after really taking the time, I appreciate all their work even the last 2 albums too before “This Is Us”. So, I get what you saying about it being a little more current than before but they trying to get to something that works, as well because the others stuff wasn’t really cutting it. Like I said I now appreciate the other stuff as well, but if they would have kept going on that track they wouldn’t have found no middle ground no where like they have now. I put it like this, if you don’t really like “This Is Us” album then that’s cool. Like you said just give this next album a chance and see what it is like. Each album is different though, even you agree with me on that. You might like it, like “Unbreakable”, if they did it before with that album for you, then I’m pretty sure they can do it again. (All I’m saying is for me, they did with it “This Is Us”.)

  8. I am sorry if i offended or made you upset. I really didn’t mean to. I just wanted to let you know that I truly do respect your point of view and opinion. I am sorry if I came off as rude or forceful. I didn’t mean to and I realize everyone has their own view on things. I would like to start over. I really love your collection a lot. I would really like to talk about that. Can you tell me where you got the “Evergreen” cd from and what is all on it? I really like the artwork on it.

    • Oh you didn’t offend me hun! No worries. Just didn’t have the time to reply yet to your previous post. Like you said: everyone has their own opinions. I just don’t like them as much as I used to for reasons I have stated before. And you obviously do. That’s okay. The Evergreen CD came from China. Someone I know brought it back for me so I don’t know how he got it. It features all songs from Never Gone, Unbreakable (incl. bonus tracks), the song Ever Green, some of their biggest hits (IWITW, ALAYLM, AIHTG, GD) and old songs such as Hey Mr DJ, Darling and Shining Star. Okay you just made me want to bust out some BSB music now. hahah

      • I am glad lol. That is neat they got all those songs included on there. There is nowhere near as cool stuff here. i guess you got to really search around huh? You got any more cool websites where i can find all of the albums on cassette tape?

      • No I just got them from a seller on Ebay who doesn’t exist anymore. 🙁 But Ebay would be my best guess. That’s where I found all of this stuff. Where are you from?

  9. United States. From Natchez. It is just the sometimes don’t have nothing cool here. i hope to collect as big as you soon. just need to know where to start.

    • Then definitely Ebay is your best bet! I would also advice you to check out the Amazon marketplace of both the US as well as the UK and German Amazon. You can sometimes find some good things there as well.

      • Thanks! Thanks for the help and thanks for all the replys. I also love have you have all the cd singles. I must admit in the beginning I didn’t really care for cd singles, but now I love them. They are really great aren’t they, especially when you don’t feel like pulling out an album, and you want to just listen to a particular song.

  10. Hello
    Damn…. I thought I have lots… but this here is wohooooooo unbelievable.
    Found this over google….. and there are some cds where I’d like to know the catalog numbers. May there is a way you can tell me? Would be cool and lovely. 😉


    • Hi, i’m from Brazil and i’m a BSB collector too, i’ve have almost of 200 cds from BSB, someone wants to sell or buy?

  11. Hola soy de Perú, tu colección es increíble!! yo amo a los backstreet boys desde que tengo uso de razón, lamentablemente aquí en Perú no venden tanta variedad de cd’s , dvd’s, revistas, libros, etc. eres muy afortunada y se lo que sentiste por ellos porque yo aunque no pueda tener toda esa maravillosa colección me he emocionado al verla, todas esas pequeñas cosas significan mucho para nosotros sus fans,

  12. Hey its me LIsa,
    I know its been a while but I was just checking to see if you got the new album and what do you think about it?

  13. Hey its me again, I was just checking to see what was up, cause I notice you hadn’t replied to my message. If you could give me a response back, I would appreciate it.


    • Sorry was busy as I just started back up working and your comment got sort of lost in all of that. I did get the new album, but I honestly haven’t listened to it thoroughly enough to form an opinion of it. I put it on my phone though so I’m sure I’ll hear the songs on my daily commute.

  14. Oh ok that’s no problem, and that’s great. Hopefully you can tell me what you think of it once you really hear it 🙂 Also I wanted to tell you I got a chance to see the guys in concert for the very first time with my friend Eve, I had so much fun! I love it! Hope all is also going well with you and that you are having a good time.

  15. This is so amazing! I was never into Backstreet Boys and your collection is admirable! 😀
    My massive collection is… makeup. 😆

  16. im so glad i never sold and carried on collecting. such a shame singels dont get released as cds anymore.
    so what about your Collection. i still want it for myself

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