Double Double Toil and Trouble

Yes, I have in fact used a quote from the one and only Will Shakespeare. I did study English language & literature, thank you very much. I may not have always cared for the endless classes on Shakespeare (I prefer Ben Jonson of the contemporary Elizabethan playwright era), but as an English student good ole Bill is hard to go around and since Macbeth is the one play I know best, I decided to put in the quote. Because boy, what a week it’s been.


The other day I already wrote a post about how my hayfever was acting up again. Well, it was indeed my hayfever, but I didn’t know it was this bad. I went to see my doctor yesterday and it appears to be as if my hayfever caused a bacterial infection in my lungs. No wonder I got winded after two steps or two sentences! So now I’m on antibiotics and extra meds for my shortness of breath. I picked them up immediately after I got the prescriptions and took them the same evening. I instantly felt better! It’s just a matter of keeping up with the meds and I should be fine in 4 -5 days time.

Last week I wrote about getting a new computer, as my old one is on the verge of dying any minute. It just needed replacing. Unfortunately for me it installed some weird update which made Windows view my video card drivers as corrupt and not allowing me to use my computer to the fullest. I tried solving it myself, but alas. I went back to the store, they fixed it for me, then 3 days later, the same retarded update was installed and I was back to square one. The boys from the store tried reinstalling everything for me and then it did it again. I went back and now I have a new one. It’s pretty much the same one, only with 6 GB of RAM (so 2 GB more), a 15.6 inch screen, a larger hard drive and NO updates that screw up my computer.

As you can tell, quite some stuff and with work added into the mix on Monday, it was just impossible to follow my regular blog schedule of daily posts. I simply didn’t have the means or the energy to do it. So here’s to feeling better (in progress), a computer that works (seems to have worked out) and more regular blogs. I already have a few plans for what I want to write about this coming week, so if I’m not too tired and my computer doesn’t go all funky on me we should be back on track again!

Enjoy your weekend, are you doing anything fun? I will most likely spend it on the couch recovering. I may hit up the gym today, but I will most definitely spend Sunday evening in front of the TV. The final episode of Sherlock Holmes will be on BBC 1 this Sunday at 10 PM CET. Can’t wait to see that one!

7 responses to “Double Double Toil and Trouble”

  1. What a weeks it’s been indeed!!!

    Om hele andere redenen dan, maar ik heb in tijden niet zo’n aparte/bijzondere/rare week meegemaakt, lijkt wel of alles tegelijk gebeurd. (Zowel negatieve dingen, maar gelukkig ook positieve!)

  2. Ah… you’re getting better. Super. Can’t wait for Sherlock! For the real Sherlockians/Holmesians 08:00 PM CET rerun of The Hound of the Baskervilles on BBC 3. Quite fun to catch all the references to the old stories (like the 7% solution among others).

  3. I hope this week is better for you hun!

    Not much going on in my weekend – had my great niece over for a bit this morning. I’ll be writing blogs and reading most probably.

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