NOTW: A little bit of this…

… and a little bit of that. Finally my nails have started to grow out again so I think I can do some fun nail creations again some time soon. As for right now, my nails are covered in 5 different colors. I simply couldn’t choose and didn’t think any of these colors special enough to wear by themselves. All I did know I wanted to do was wear some Catrice nail polish. I have tons of their colors as they are cheap and fun, but I feel like I’m not using them enough. So I went with these 5 pastel/ light colors to balance out the gloominess outside.

What I’m wearing:

Catrice: Biscuits & Cupcakes, Let’s Mauve On, I Scream Peach, Sold Out Forever, Clay-ton My Hero.

Like I said: light pastel-like colors apart from the bright peach tone.

I actually think that I may subconsciously be picking out my nail color according to my mood. I was wearing mostly dark colors the past few weeks, when I also felt tired and under the weather. Now, I feel as light as a fairy and overall good. I seem to have more energy and life to me than a few weeks ago, so that has me think: is that why I suddenly decided to go with brighter colors? Who knows! It might just be!

How do you pick out your nail color?

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  1. I guess I too sort of go with my mood – right now I’m wearing a sort of dark metallic aqua colour on most of my nails and then on two of my nails I have sparkly (not quite glitter) colour of almost the same shade but slightly bluer. It’s hard to describe… I probably should just take a photo. As I’m feeling a bit more confidence again

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