Shoplog: Asos, H&M & Forever21

Last week I posted a shoplog which existed of mostly of beauty related items. This time I’m showing you items I bought which are fashion related. I got most of these things online and on sale as it’s the last bits of sale that are going on right now. The places I shopped at are, H&M (also in store) and Forever 21. Let’s start with accessories first.

Short necklace with spokes (H&M), chandelier earrings & earrings with spikes (Forever21)

I’m totally loving these earrings and the necklace. I think the short necklace trend is a keeper: I still have tons of short necklaces from way back in the day. So this will come in handy. As for the earrings: I’m totally digging long and big earrings now and I love Forever21 accessories. They are edgy and cheap and I think that is also something I can say of these earrings. Especially the ones with the spikes. I think these just stand out and are super funky.

Cream ruched button down shirt with bell sleeves (Asos)

I already told you about my Asos order in a previous post, but I thought it would still be fun to show you what the clothes actually looked like when I got them in. The thing with ordering online is that things can look different than you could tell from the pictures. This shirt is a perfect match to the original picture. This is a size 42 though (UK size 14, US size 12), which is why it looks much bigger: it is. I buy button downs 2 sizes too big on purpose. It’s more comfortable and they’ll actually be able to close around my chest. It looks perfect on. It’s cute with the collar and the ruffles, but it’s not overly cute. That would not bit my style at all. However I think this shirt has just the right amount of boho chic to it for it to be manageable.

Nude colored pussybow dress (Asos)

This is exactly what I meant by: you never know what it actually looks like. The way this dress was folded and send over made it all crumpled and frumpy looking. It is still a great dress though. It’s sheer, so I definitely have to wear something underneath other that just underwear, but the color and the cut are perfect. It hits me just above the knee and accentuates my waist ever so slightly. I can live with the wrinkles as I won’t be able to wear this for a while anyway and by that time gravity and if need be an iron will be able to do the trick.

Black & cream geometrical pussybow playsuit (Asos)

When I first put this on I was like: oh no! It doesn’t fit! Can you see the waistband somewhere in the middle? That’s to singe your waist, but what if the garment doesn’t hit you in the waist but much lower? Yup. I ended with a nice peeping view of my belly button. No fun. But then I realized that I could easily hoist it up, as the body part of the playsuit is too long for my short upper body. So I pulled it up to fit into my waistline and voila it’s a perfect fit! I can add a belt if I feel the waistband won’t stay put but after a bit of practice I think I can make it stay put without adding anything. If anything I’ll just pin it. Here’s a murky pic of me wearing it when I was trying it on the other night:

Tribal print dress (H&M)

I saw this dress ages ago in an H&M in Amsterdam. However, at 30 euros for a cotton summer dress I thought it was too pricy. I was hoping it would go on sale and lo and behold: it did! I got this at half the original price and I love it. It has a pretty wide skirt with pleats, exactly like I used to wear them when I was a little girl. At that time I already preferred dresses that would flare out when you spin around. My mom spent hours making me dresses that did just that and now I finally have one that does exactly that.

Black bralette/ bustier (H&M) (Sorry mom 😉 )

I’ve been wanting something like this for ages (years really), but I couldn’t find one that fits. I’m the proud owner of a good sized D cup and these things are usually made for breasts at least half that size. So when I found this at my local H&M sale I was skeptical. Yet, I wanted to try it and it actually fit perfectly! And guess what it cost me? 4 euros! Not kidding. Original price is 29.95, it was on sale for 5 euros and I got an extra 20% off as it was one of the final days of sale.

Acid wash skinny jeans (H&M)

I actually don’t have many light wash jeans. They’re all medium or dark washes as I find that the most flattering on me. I saw these on the website, where they were unavailable, so when I saw it in store I decided to give it a shot. They fit nicely, are super comfortable and they look great on! They’re also not too long which is a plus for me. Oh and they are stretchy which is why they are so comfy in the first place.

Have you done any last minute sale shopping? If so, what did you get?

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  1. You’re just one of those people that almost anything you wear will suit you – damn you!

    Not done anymore shopping – there WAS a top on everything5pounds that I wanted to get but it appears they’ve sold out already. I’m not sure – I might still get some clothes (maybe another dress even!) because I know it’s like still winter but my minds on summer clothes – not like bikini’s but just nice tops to wear with jeans or shorts.

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