Organise your life: Moleskin agendas

By now I guess it’s clear to everyone that I lead a pretty busy life. Between writing blogs I work in education 3-4 days a week and I am enrolled as a full time student on top of dance classes, gym workouts and social activities. To keep track of it all, I make sure to keep an agenda and I have found the perfect one that can handle listing all different occasions without it becoming a mess: the Moleskin Weekly Notebook.

As you can see I have two: a red one and a black one. Both have a hard cover and one is a 12 month agenda, while the other covers 18 months. I just started using the red one by the way. The black one used to be my agenda. The reason why this agenda in particular is handy is because it comes with the days of the week on the left and a page to take notes on the right. Like so:

Notice how there is a lot of space for writing things down. What I usually do is write my appointments on the left page and my time table/ schedule on the right. I also use it to write to do lists and sometime add post its whenever I shouldn’t forget something that has nothing to do with work or appointments. So after a while the pages become something like this:

I will spare you the craziest weeks that are on these pages, but this gives you a rough idea of what I do with them. Social appointments are also listed and I just stick those in with my regular appointments. I try to keep them as neat as I can, but that doesn’t always work out, as you can see in the picture below.

I had to use arrows and more than one page several times during the week. But still I think it works. Another very handy thing these planners come with are a couple of pages for note taking in the back and in the front you will find your regular agenda stuff: calendars, a ruler, time differences, measurements etc.

What makes Moleskin planners extra handy is that they come with a flap in the back that holds another customizable notebook or an address book. The best part is that these extras can be removed from the planner and reused whenever you buy a new one because they are detachable. Here’s the customizable notebook and below you can see the address book.

Now how handy is that?! I know for a fact that this is the one thing that ensures my ability to keep track of what it is that I’m doing. It fits EVERYTHING I have to write down: from to do lists to exams, from time tables to appointments, to meetings, social events and vacations. I keep my entire life in these things and can’t live without it. Before I struggled with separate calendars or agendas: one for work and one for my social life, but by adding school into the mix it just wasn’t going to work anymore.

Conclusion: These aren’t the cheapest agendas, but they certainly do what they should do.

How do you keep track of your life?

7 responses to “Organise your life: Moleskin agendas”

  1. Ha, de Moleskine 18-maandenagenda, handig als je van collegejaar naar kalenderjaar wilt overstappen zoals ik ooit 🙂 Heb nu een mini-Moleskine, voorlopig groot genoeg voor mij, maar inderdaad, ze zijn superhandig!

  2. Moleskin is so expensive here. :\

    I use several things – my BB – when out and for appointments (this way I also get a reminder – most of the time I remember myself but just in case). However if I was working and had different shifts every week, or had a lesson schedule – I’d definitely have a diary of some sort. Which I definitely like to have space to write in for each day – and space for notes.

    I also have a notebook that a write ideas in for blogs and things.

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